Cedars of Lebanon

I was going to write this one as a full commentary and for a lark at the last second, decided to see if I could rewrite the song’s lyrics as the commentary.  Turned out better then expected, to me anyway!

I woke with my brain in a dirty heap
Hoping my words are something less then cheap
Trying to define a song in a few shitty lines
Hoping to see magic in the vines

It started with a guy reporting a war
Trying to define the ugliest score
Stuck in the rubble of the Middle East
Blood and death the howling beast

He acts like his being there is his job
The act of an obedient slob
But the story has a heart of pain
Defined by a personal picture stained

You may think his wife and kid are home
And that daddy’s here on loan
But the story is really taking on
Their death in Lebanon

He’s looking hard for her on high
And hopes his work will get him by
A bullet staccato repeater
To take him to them in the Cedars

The song seems like a story of conflict
The result a man with soul in defect
As he tries to join them on
The branches of the Cedars of Lebanon

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