The death of intelligence

I get tired a lot.  Not because of my weight nor the weight of the responsibilities of life.  I get tired because I cannot fathom humanity.

I am a big fan of Bill Maher.  From Real Time to Religulous he consistently addresses the madness that infests our world.  In recent weeks he has been waxing eloquent on how stupid Americans are.  Oh the outrage!  Oh how could he?

He mentioned this on CNN recently.  They went to break and Wolf Blitzer came back and said how many people had written in offended at his statement.  He laughed and said Sarah Palin was almost vice-President of the United States.  Do I really need to say any more?  And no Bill, you don’t.

I watch a lot of American news and generally follow politics in the US for fun (not profit, nor prophet).  The reasoning behind the most inane and pathetic ideals have seemingly come from the conservatives.  And the more conservative you are, the more likely that you are going use illogic and fear as a basis for most arguments.

That said, it is fair to say the extreme left has its share of crazy as most extreme views tend to have.

So we have death panels, health care is not a right, Obama isn’t American (the term Birthers for people who believe this one is a laugh-out-loud one).  The growth of stupidity can in large part be attributed to the growth of reality tv.  And I want you to think about that.  ‘Reality’ tv?  Apparently reality now is made up of sub-humans in fake situations giving fake and predictible responses while hoping beyond hope that they will a) fall in love, b)become rich, c) fall in love and become rich or d) be caught in a helicopter shot trying to escape police custody.

How many politicians have stated that God had directed their views?  Not just by praying and pondering what’s right but actually telling them what to do!  Man I wish I was that lucky.  I’d be locked up if I listened to the voices in my head!  From Dubya on down to most of the Southern Caucus, God do love them Southerners!  And boy does he hate those Nazi, God hating, socialist, gay abortionists (aka the Democratic Party).  Because Lord knows that God is all about the hate of liberals!

And don’t feel bad America, we have our share up here in the land north of you (that’s not Michigan by the way).  Our Conservative ruling party sent out a lovely little pamphlet on the long gun registry.  And the cover asked ‘If I own a long gun, am I a criminal’?  And inside it said that the Liberals must feel that you are.  Ahh, democrastupidity at its best!

So while the torture debate continues (and I ask you, why is the term debate being used here?), why are most Americans concerned about the death of Michael Jackson and the Canadian millionaire who carved up the swimsuit model wife of his (who EVERYONE has to show lots bikini shots of)?

Does any of this bear any resemblance to reality?  Do any of these things ring a bell: love, family, friends, helping, caring, feeling, sharing?  What is wrong with you and your so-called intelligence if you have to race home to find out what celebrity moron is doing whatever celebrity stupidity?  Why do you care that Joe-Buck Dumbasabrick got immunity by sticking his head in a bowl of cat intestines and came out of it like he won the frigging Super Bowl?

When was the last time you read something?  Even better, when was the last time you read something by someone who had different beliefs then you?  When was the last time you had an intelligent discussion about anything?  When was the last time you told your kids why what they are watching isn’t good for them?

Intelligence is not about book smarts though it doesn’t hurt.  Intelligence is about the ability to discuss BOTH points of view.  Not invoking fear.  Not telling me God said so.  And not screaming at me (I’m looking at you Glenn Beck!!).  Not thinking every issue is black or white.

Is intelligence dead?  No.  But it is dying.  And we all have to fight the fight.  We can’t be lazy about it.  It does require work and we know that is not a trait being promoted these days.  Easy money, easy life.  I can look at my life and explain the bull of that statement in five seconds flat.

Love.  Live.  Think.


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One Response to The death of intelligence

  1. Smirkdirk says:

    And… He’s Off!…

    Good stuff, Bud!

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