In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby!

These are how my days often go.  I will be sitting here working and something pops in my head (many people who know me would suggest I have a persistent aneurism).  Today, the song in this post’s title was that.

Music history being what it is, how they got to that from ‘in the garden of eden’ is the stuff of legends.  Well, of alcohol, really.  And as much as I think the song would likely have been a big hit anyway, sometimes you have to wonder.  The smallest thing can send something down a much different path.  For me, it’s just as easy to picture this song going nowhere if the original title had stuck.  The bizarreness of ‘In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida’ adds an element of mystery and gives it a different life.

And how many times have you looked at the placemarkers of your life and asked, ‘what if’?  Where would I be if I had made a different decision HERE.  What if that random event hadn’t happened THERE.  Yes, I’m going all Butterfly Effect on you now!  Did a moth in Thailand flapping its wings cause Hurricaine Katrina?  What if?

Who would you be with?  What would you be doing?  Where would you be living?  It’s the stuff of religion and the stuff of madness!  For some, saying the path was pre-chosen becomes ‘obvious’.  Not to me though.  I see the roads taken and the paths to my life and I’m okay with that.  I don’t look back and question nor do I look back in anger.  I look back with interest.  I look back with wonder.

My love, my wife who is my life is there because of paths I took and paths she took and they happen to intertwine at the right moment in time.  Sounds like a song lyric to me!

The path she took for her

And paths I took for me

Like vines intertwined

at that moment in time

Yeah, I’ll take that one further one day.  The part that always grabs me about this is imagining the minutae that come together.  The insane number of events that create the path or smallest grain knock you off that path.

Think about it.  I made a last second decision just before I started college.  They had a new course offering that came through at the last minute.  It sounded better then what I had enrolled in (I had no idea what I wanted to do).  That course led to friends that led to a sibling of a friend who had a friend that was my wife’s best friend.  If I hadn’t switched courses at the last second, my life would be completely different.  Different friends, different loves, different paths.  It’s kind of insane.

And some would tell me that it was God whispering in my ear.  To me that is taking all responsibility for who you are and what you do and passing the buck.  I made that decision.  It’s on me and it was mine to make.  And I’ve always been glad I made it.  And I’m sorry, you cannot sit there and call it God’s will and use that blame Him if anything doesn’t work out.  What a cop out.

If there is a God, according to most religious people I’ve seen (and believe me there are great exceptions), God is a bit of  bastard, bit of a control freak and rather petty most days.  The believers I can appreciate are the ones who do good.  They don’t preach, don’t sell but rather live the Word and not the army recruitment manual nor the ‘I’m above you and you should follow’ manual.  Are priests really so arrogant that they act like they are Jesus?  Really?  It’s 2009 and the Pope is wearing Prada.  What was the name of that movie?  Hmmm, makes you wonder!

Needless to say, the path to today is mostly paved with selfishness and dollars.  That would be the path of society.  That will be another topic for another day.  You can trace back your own path and wonder.  Enjoy the journey and all the joy and pain that brought you here.  Life ain’t perfect but it will have to do for our Garden of Eden.  The real Garden of Eden was Earth before man arrived.  And I don’t need a bible to know that man is the only animal capable of destroying both himself and everything here.  It won’t be the wrath of God.  It will be the stupidity of man (see yesterday’s post on the death of intelligence).

Whether we will find a path to save ourselves will likely require some very painful roads which most North Americans will be unwilling to take.  Let’s hope we find that path sooner then later.

In-a-gadda-da-vida, honey,
Dont you know that I love you?
In-a-gadda-da-vida, baby,
Dont you know that Ill always be true?

Oh, wont you come with me
And take my hand?

Oh, wont you come with me
And walk this land?

Please take my hand!

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