God, God, which God is God?

We are all arrogant at heart aren’t we?  How many times do we just assume we are right?  I can’t count the times I’ve sat and thought about something or entered a discussion and I was sure I was right.  I had my opinion.  They had theirs.  Who’s right?  There are times I have been wrong (lots, as my wife likes to point out).  I am one of those people who need to be convinced I’m wrong.  I take little or nothing at face value.  If I have an opinion, and I usually do, you’ll have to show me why I’m wrong.

 So it goes with God.  We all grew up with our beliefs.  And because we were taught these things from the time we were small, we assume it is right.  It is all we know.  But stop for a second.  Everyone else was taught the same with their beliefs.  They have their Gods and their books of Worship.  What makes what we know more right when they feel the exact same way about their beliefs?  Who’s to say the Jewish God is more right?  Or Jesus?  Or Allah?  Or Vishnu?  Or that we were dropped from pods in space-faring 747’s into volcanoes?  Okay, you can dismiss SOME things!

 Most of us have periods where we question our beliefs we had instilled from very young.  It mostly happens in our teens.  I believe the purpose of that is so we all find our own path to enlightenment whether that means a modified version of the same beliefs, a journey through new territory or even complete opposition to what we always knew.

 I believe that being an intelligent adult requires that we examine these things.  We can’t hide in our little pews and hope we picked right.  I am completely in favour of questions.  And I think the best way to answer questions is to investigate.  Why not look at other faiths?  Go to other churches?  Read other bibles?  Talk to people of other faiths?  We are so scared of it all and I don’t know why.  I think there is security in what we know and for many, they need that.

 I beg you to take a chance and spend some time looking around.  Live the other words, drink in another’s journey.  Why not?  It may be scary at first.  But it may also be exhilarating!  And for all our differences, you can find some common lines along the road.  Places where we can all meet and be one.

 Can you imagine a world where I can accept your beliefs and your reasons for believing and you accept mine?  We may not agree but we can be okay with each other.  We can start new jokes!  A Buddhist, an atheist and a Scientologist were talking when in walked a Rabbi, a priest and a minister.  As all the religious leaders argued their philosophies, the atheist jumped and yelled ‘I don’t believe any of you’!  Okay, so that was lame!  I never said I did stand up.

 I think the point I wanted to make was that we may not agree on whose God is THE God.  It doesn’t matter what you believe or even if you believe.  The point is to respect each other’s beliefs, don’t be afraid to discuss the basis of your faith, you may learn something.  Not just about other religions, but also about yourself.  And ultimately your beliefs are yours.  Don’t be afraid of growing, no matter how old you are.  It should be our wish for this world as well.

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