A full, glowing silence!

Funny isn’t it?  Where are all the right wing lunatics right now?  I’m not hearing Rush or Sarah or Glenn or Sean or Michelle.  Oh where, oh where did our idiots go, oh where, oh where can they be?

Seems like the passing of Ted Kennedy brought the world a few moments of peace.  It’s an odd moment isn’t it?  A moment where zeolotry and hatred have stepped aside.  And the part I find most odd?  That it seems to be out of respect.

Since when do these crazy people understand the word respect?  I’m frankly surprised Sarah Palin hasn’t come out and claimed Ted was killed by a death panel decision!  You betcha!

Sadly it will only be a few days or hours before the rip tide of banality begins anew.  But I guess we can all thank Ted one last time.  His service to America continued into his own death

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