Special Songs…

A lot of the guys here can ignore this unless they are in touch with their feminine side!  I started compiling this a couple of months back.  I will do others as I find the time.  Most of these are songs from recent years.  I have not included major artists for the most part.  I went through almost 2000 songs, pared it down to 85 and could go no further then the final 40 (I had intended 20 songs to put on a cd for the car).

Basically these are quieter songs (there are exceptions) that have touched me in some way – either musically, lyrically or emotionally.  One song that everyone would like is Vindicated.  For whatever reason this song MAKES me sing it.  The chorus gets my body involved and I practically shout it.  I don’t expect everyone to bother finding the music.  If you are in the mood, go for it.

If you find something you like that you’ve never heard before then it’s worth it.  And if you don’t care, hey, that’s just fine too!
Song Title                                        Artist
The Grace                                        Neverending White Lights
Being Here                                      The Stills
Sometime Around Midnight   The Airborne Toxic Event
Hurricaine                                      Athlete
Vindicated                                      Dashboard Confessional
Falling by the Wayside               People in Planes
How Would You Like It?           Jem
Stay Away                                       The Honorary Title
Wires                                                 Athlete
Hughes                                             The New Amsterdams
Twenty Four Hours                    Athlete
Fake Empire                                   The National
In the Beginning                           The Stills
Slow Show                                       The National
No One’s Going to Love You    Band of Horses
Pretty Buildings                            People in Planes
Silver Lining                                   Rilo Kiley
You Fill My Heart                        Jason Walker
Lua                                                     Bright Eyes
Come Undone                               Jackson Waters
Back When You Were Good     The Hours
They Bring Me to You                Joshua Radin
Mercy                                               Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Where I Stood                               Missy Higgins
Sun and Shadow                           Wideawake
Man in the Machine                    Royworld
Jane, I Still Feel the Same        Matthew Ryan
I Will Possess Your Heart        Death Cab for Cutie
The World is Darker                   Neverending White Lights
Heart Attack                                 Low vs Diamond
I’m Not Over                                 Carolina Liar
Sleeping Sickness                        City and Colour
Never Again                                  The Midway State
When You Are Near                   Carolina Liar
Feels Like Letting Go                 Matthew Perryman Jones
More Than Life                             Whitley
I Wish You’d Fall Apart            People in Planes
No Envy, No Fear                       Joshua Radin
Scratch to Void                           People in Planes
Capsule                                           Turin Brakes

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