No Words

In the pale morning light

He stirred from a peaceful night’s sleep

As the mist slowly lifted

He could do nothing but smile


Her face enveloped in the glow

He watched how the sheets flowed over her

He knew as he always knew

Her love washed over him


He brushed the hair from her eyes

She stirred and smiled but did not wake

She murmured softly for a moment

The vision of love’s contentment


No words could ever tell her

How you feel about her

No flowers or chocolates ever

Could make her know your heart

When she comes down from the clouds

And up from her perfect slumber

And sees how you see her in that moment

She’ll know what she’s known from the start


He lay back down beside her

Slipped his arms around her shoulders

She wrapped herself around him

And lay her head upon his chest


Few men will ever tell you

It means that much to them

Just to have you there beside them

And the feelings that it brings


But she sees it in your eyes

Hears it in a sigh escaping

In a moment when she wakes

They will show each other, once again

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One Response to No Words

  1. Wind says:

    Never have I read anything that compares in its perfect simplicity.
    You are amazing.

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