What? #5

I broke bread with a vengeance.  I chew.  I eschew.  What to do, what to do?

 Anticipation is the level of expectation we feel.  Going to a concert.  Going on a date.  Going to hell.  Anticipation tends to feel like a positive emotion but I believe it can also be bad.  We tend use words like ‘dread’ for negative anticipation but isn’t it all the same at the end of the day?  Anticipation allows for step away.  Anticipation, especially in the negative, has a nasty tendency to become bracing.

 Bracing is what we do when we feel the impact coming.  That psychic and psychotic link we feel to our own mortality.  A brief tap in the mind that says, ‘ummm, dude, look out’.  Maybe you’ve noticed that it tends to come as it is all about to hit the fan, leaving you no time for course correction or reflection.  You are screwed.  Or not.  Either way, choice is now gone.  All you can do now is react.

 Reaction is the experience.  Reaction is what we feel and what we do as a result of the impact.  Any emotion is possible in the moment.  Realizing what all the possibilities were and what options you had in that second, minute, period won’t come until after, if at all.  Many of us are naturals at experiencing life.  Others have nasty tendencies to make a wrong choice in the split second.  Whether or not you roll with the punches is a part of who you are.

 Reflection is what we do after anticipating, bracing and reacting.  It’s a time to look back and learn your lesson.  Isn’t it?  Reflection always seems to come across as a sedate, pedestrian, quiet.  Something you do in a chair with a pot of tea on the porch on a marginally cloudy day.  Ahh but how often does life let you relax long enough to do some proper introspection?  We often lose life’s lessons due to life.  We need to stop.  We need to review.  But how often do we either let ourselves or make the time to do so.

 History is an oft repeated set of bad choices in many instances.  History class always teaches that the lessons not learned are doomed to be repeated.  That is true of life, in spades.  How many date the wrong one over and over again.  How many countries, how many politicians repeat the same mistakes, simply because they don’t learn the lessons of others.

 How do lessons get absorbed with people too busy tweeting their nails are drying or I’m picking up milk?  How in this world of overloaded information and choices, do we get to make those informed decisions?  You can ask yourself how in the world Bush and Cheney managed to do so many things that fly in the face of the very definition of what America is all about.  The answer is obvious.  People don’t know.  And they don’t know because they don’t bother to know.

 How many times did we hear people say you ‘don’t question the President’?  The hell you don’t!  It’s like absolutes.  How many times do you hear ‘the greatest country’ or ‘the best health care’?  In your mind maybe.  Zealotry is the equivalent absolutism.  It just is wrong.  When you don’t question anything, you are a slave to it.  Whether it’s religion, politics or whatever, it’s wrong.  And if you bother to reflect on that, maybe you’ll anticipate it the next time, react properly and be able to reflect on your good decisions and questions instead of bracing and being slammed for your stupidity.

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