The death of live music

Is live music dying?  Yes and no.  It is still out there.  There are still clubs and bands.  Much of the HYPE comes from Youtube as opposed to word of mouth or the ubiquitous ‘scene’.  I don’t know that the lack of local scene means the death of the forms of music we know.  The last great ‘scene’ was grunge.  But scenes haven’t always followed upon one another so much.  Another will come in time.
In my mind we are in a transition period right now.  Rap and Hip Hop need to grow up now.  As long as the bulk of the songs reflect upon sex and drugs and money, that form is going nowhere.  I saw jay-z interviewed on Bill Maher and he had the similar thought.  The sampling culture of so many right now needs to morph into something meaningful.
I also feel we are reaching a valley of creativity.  Shock schlock is the word these days.  How far can we push the sex, the drugs?  It feels very much like the manufactured music of decades past, doesn’t it?  We’ve had the boy bands, the girl bands, the bands that just keep making the same song over and over.  Disney has controlled the tween scene.  Not too many labels doing much of anything to let creativity flow.
With the changes because of downloading and the control issues, there will be some form of revolution coming in the next 5 to 10 years.  And with the technology changes to come, there will be a battle.  Somewhere in there I can’t help but feel that some form of independence will have to come.  That constant battle between corporate and band cultures always generates something interesting.
I can’t argue that live music is not what it used to be.  At the same time, I hear about bands that are making a name for themselves.  Playing every club on planet earth used to be the way.  Online is the new way and no, it is not the same.  No different than any person who hates U2.  You can’t say that if you’ve seen them live.  As society keeps working towards shut-in status, live bands will suffer.  Kids don’t go anywhere any more.  They download and share with each other but the experience is lacking.  I have a constant battle over this.  The great sharing that music is when played live will suffer for a time.  I hope not long.  A revolution is required to break this life online.  If it doesn’t I fear what you fear, a real death to the creative insight.  How will bands make their music and grow it in live soil?  It will be a challenge.  All we can do is push the coming generations to get out and support the newcomers, the up and comers and the old comers (eeewwwww). 
Take me, take me to the riot!!
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