Lest We Be Judged

I’ve often sat and wondered why we are all so scared to die.  We talk about things like that so much.  If you’ve sat in a room with someone who was dying, you know if can be both unpleasant, scary and, at the same time, almost spiritual and peaceful.

The person who dies often seems relieved and at peace with the idea at the end.  And whether they see something in that moment or not, the release from whatever path brought them to the brink would have to be a comfort.

I think the people left behind live in fear.  but why?  You need to ask yourself the question.  If there is nothing after, it should be no big deal.  It’s just over.  Right?  And if you believe you go to God, shouldn’t that be something you anticipate?

Fear comes with the unknowns.  ‘What if’ there is an afterlife?  ‘What if’ there’s nothing and my life seems wasted?  ‘What if’ there’s an afterlife and my life seems wasted?  ‘What if’ no matter how good I’ve been, God thinks otherwise?

I can’t help but believe that we wouldn’t be so irrationally afraid of dying if we hadn’t had this idea of ‘something after’ drilled into us.  And that is only drilled into us by religion.  Even if you don’t believe, chances are you will still wonder and that doubt will generate the same ‘what if’ fear of being wrong.

If we’d never heard the idea in the first place.  If we all just thought that when it was over, it’s over, I wonder if we’d still be afraid.  Maybe.  But I don’t think anywhere near as much.

Fear is a useful tool.  And the religions of the world have always used fear to control the masses.  It is the same tool used by governments across the world and we can certainly see in here in North America with conservative political groups routinely using it to oppose issues rather than dealing with the issues.

Religion in particular has a long and storied history of fear mongering.  Believe or ye shall be cast into the fires!  You are a sinner and unless you repent you shall suffer for all of eternity.  Not exactly the pleasant, loving God we’d all like to have a drink with, hmmm?  Far too many cast God as your final judge and jury.  And far too many seem to believe that God is a prick with an ever shifting sense of right.

Of course we know that man is the problem.  Power is the goal.  Fear is the weapon of choice.  Control of us is all anyone wants.  Buy your way to heaven.

I’m one of those who truly hopes he doesn’t have a death bed conversion.  I think its a coward’s way and this joke of an idea that you can be a horrible human being but as long as you mean it when you say you’re sorry at the end, you’ll be fine.  What a joke.

You almost hope that when the ones who abuse and control using this irrational fear come to their end, that there is the exact fate awaiting them at the terminus.  Lest they be judged…

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4 Responses to Lest We Be Judged

  1. Pete Olsen says:

    Although I believe (as you know) I also wonder about a lot of things because belief is the furthest you can get from proof and absolutes.

    That said, I wonder sometimes if it is people who fear monger and use God for their purposes. It sounds like those may be the people you speak of at the end of this diatribe and the hope is that for them, there is nothing…that’s harsh.

    I’m not sure about ultimate forgiveness being a joke, at least not in my heart…for me it’s the essence of grace. And it’s so complex and unfair to think that someone may only find that moment at the end of their days – isn’t that the beginning of hope? I’m really not sure of much but i must admit I spend a lot of time wondering.

    But I admit freely that I believe and faithwalk daily in the mystery. I enjoy that (as mindless as it may seem)

    • larrylootsteen says:

      There is absolutely no doubt that it is man who abuses. It is man who uses fear against man.

      I agree that forgiveness is a form of grace. I also agree that in forgiveness comes hope. The question remains whether its realistic to think a lifetime of bad behaviour and a last second reprieve as realistic. Of course your belief assumes there’s something on the other side to atone to whereas I am not so sure that is how this all would work.

      Even if I move on the assumption that there is a God out there, man has defined the rights and wrongs. Man has defined the rules for the ‘all access pass’ to heaven. Man wrote the book. So even if there is a God out there, we don’t have the direct correlation that He/She/It is going to follow the guidelines we wrote down.

      I am a firm believer in grace. I am a true believer in forgiveness as a higher power in man. Many in the religious community have abused the ideals for their own benefit. And I believe that many religions are built around power and not love.

      I have watched peace descend on the dying. I have no idea what they saw in those moments. It is as easy to think that they saw something after, in hope that there is something after, as there is to believe that the release from the pain and suffering endured to get to that point is simply a welcome respite. For me, there is no issue if there is nothing after.

      I do like to think there is something more. I like to think there is some essence within us that remains after the body dies. That thread, that energy, whatever it might be, goes on. I have often considered some sort of community of higher energy (souls if you will) that exists, grows and gives back, perhaps ( a type of reincarnation? All sorts of possibility). It just doesn’t include this crazy notion (even if it sounds like my own crazy notion!) that there’s this being who knows all, past, present, future is controlling our lives, our destinies.

      I will write more on these ideas when time permits! Keep writing! I appreciate it!

  2. larrylootsteen says:

    Will we ever live in peace?
    `Cause those that can`t, do
    Often have to…
    And those that can`t, do,
    Often have to preach
    To the ones
    Staring at the sun
    Afraid of what you`ll find
    If you took a look inside
    Not just deaf and dumb
    Staring at the sun

  3. smirkdirk says:

    In the shade of a willow tree, creeps are crawling over me…

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