Breaking Fast, Breaking Last

Sitting at a table

Set only in my mind

The conversation started

The conversation turned

And the table started to burn


He said, she said, we said

Where do you think you’re going?

I only started to think

I only started to say

I don’t want you to go away


The eggs were getting crusty

The toast a little runny

You made me laugh

You made me cry

Both with smiles a little wry


The games worked on apace

Neither wanting to admit

She wanted to be in charge

He wanted to make it hard

Neither one speaking true

Neither’s feelings in view

They were breaking fast

Waiting on who would break last


Standing in a doorway

Set in a virtual world

The hurt was never spoken

The hurt was always there

Honesty a goal unaware


When the time came to part

The frost coated the grounds

The chill was epidemic

The chill could penetrate

No one thinking, speaking, feeling straight


Love was the beginning

And there was none at the end

 Nothing visible to the eye

Nothing visible to either side

Leaving love alone to ask ‘Why’?

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