Geraldine by Glasvegas

This is truly an amazing band.  They are from Glasgow, Scotland and have been around a fair while by new band standards (2003).  They’ve had major buzz in Europe the last couple of years especially.  And they are finally getting noticed on this side of the pond.

The reason I chose the song Geraldine as a kind of introduction is because, for me at least, it really shows the talents this band has.  Great musical hooks and some lyrics with a wee surprise at the end!

The song begins and goes most of the way through sounding somewhat like a love song, somewhat God song, somewhat a song of deep despair and a complete cry for help.  Some great lyrical phrasing really grabbed me.  Could a moment be made more clear  by saying ‘When your sparkle evades your soul’?  I LOVE that phrase.  As a bit of a writer myself, I can totally connect with that.

A bit of a religious reference helps skew the meanings enough that you come at this from many sides and can adapt it to whatever your mood fits.  Referencing a shepard and being your guide when you are lost…not hard to do the math there.

And in the end, they twist it all around and everything you thought was wrong (a favourite phrase of mine from somewhere!).  Geraldine has a job to do (read the lyrics, I’m not giving it away).  This song is worth the price…as is this band.  Eyes open here, you will see and hear more…

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