These Are My Twisted Words

You know, there are times when less is more.  Sometimes you can just spend all your time talking without saying anything.  If anyone knows that, it is me.

So if you look at the lyrics to Radiohead’s latest, you may ask yourself why they even bothered.  Basically a couple of verses and the second one is mostly repetitive.

Aside from the fact that I find the performance of this song simply stunning.  Thom Yorke has an amazing voice and a brilliant ability to bring something different to how the words flow with the music.

The words are more than a simple plea to me.  They are angry, frustrated and bitter.  A man abandoned by love and wanting nothing more than to have it back.  A man falling apart alone.  A man begging to reconcile.

The twisted words seem to refer to the fact that they are communicating but nothing is changing.  These two lines are such beauty to me:

when i feel you still walking
i know i should not look down

He still feels the presence of the person but he knows if he looks down, the shadow he sees will be his and his alone.  I love the picture of this the words create in my mind.

I don’t even need to discuss the performance.  I just love everything about this song.  Give it a chance.  It is different and it is deep.  It often takes several repeat plays to get into it.  Oh so worth the effort though.  Radiohead has a great rep for a reason.  Give them your time and you won’t regret it.

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One Response to These Are My Twisted Words

  1. Gexyspopy says:

    Great article! Well stated!!

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