The World is a Vampire

I seem to be in a rage a lot lately.  The last few years have taken their toll on me personally.  That said, the world in general seem to be an endless shithole in so many ways.  I have my silver linings but that is not for today.

Every day seems to bring a new example of stupidity that is beyond the pale.  As a music lover, I get easily offended when someone takes a great song and cluelessly assumes some ridiculous meaning.  Glenn Beck is a raging moron.  And he recently decided that Muse’s new single Uprising spoke directly to his goals in life.

Go on!  Read the lyrics and tell me how they can be interpreted as some Conservative goals.  Does this sound remotely like a positive spin on the right’s endless drive to keep America stupid?

Paranoia is in bloom,
The PR transmissions will resume,
They’ll try to push drugs that keep us all dumbed down,
And hope that we will never see the truth around

I guess in his mind he sees the Dems in the same light.  The question is how as they manage to self-destruct on every issue.  And can you explain, when the fat cats are all the Republican’s friends, how this makes sense to him???

Rise up and take the power back,
It’s time the fat cats had a heart attack,
You know that their time’s coming to an end,
We have to unify and watch our flag ascend

I am so sick of idiots.  I am so sick of these blood sucking fools who parade themselves off as ‘real’ anything.  They live in some pre-pubescent world where 1950’s McCarthyism defines ‘better times’.  Where socialism is the new communism.

I’m also sick of Obama trying to work with these fools.  Rally the troops and go left.  Stay left and slam through everything…health care, alternative fuels, out of Iraq, out of Gauntanemo, total direction change in Afghanistan.  Cut the damn military spending and pay for everything else with it.


How much do we have to put up with?  Why does the world have sit and listen to sound of money pouring upwards instead of sideways and downwards.  Feed the poor and the hungry.  House the poor and the hungry.  Teach the world that democracy is about people and not power and money.

The Beck’s and the Limbaugh’s need to be placed where they belong.  On the lunatic fringe.  When did so many Americans get so stupid?  Is it the education system?  Do these people not look past the end of their noses and see the whole around them?  Why don’t they know how stupid everything the right uses for arguments are?  Why does the term ‘straw man’ mean nothing?


Why are pundits running the news now?  So we have to listen to the truth twisters and naysayers manipulate everything we see?  The media has taken a huge swig of the kool-aid I’m afraid.  The kooks and the kinks are the news.  Where is the real story.  And where will it end?

My fear is that all will be lost in a very short time.  Between the endless influence of the neoconservative on K Street and the religious nuts on C Street, does anyone stand a chance?  Where is the anger and outrage?  Who wants their country back?  It really isn’t hard to see the next conservative majority turning America into a military state.  The middle class almost doesn’t exist and as long as the media wants to play along and make the fringe the central story, it isn’t hard to see.

Michael Moore is asking the right questions about capitalism and consumerism.  As long as money rules the people, the people will be ruled by money.  And the top 1% control the most of it.  So what’s that tell you?

It will all implode upon itself in time.  And how ugly that will be.  The golden cow will have to be replaced by people.  Real people.  Caring people who take care of each other and not themsleves first.  Imagine.

So that Muse went to Glenn Beck and asked him to take his support for the song away was brilliant.  That he did so and in the process suddenly told everyone that they suck is hysterical.  And typical of the idiocy of the man.  I love this song, it speaks to what I believe.  Oh wait, what?  Sorry, it sucks!

As the title of this unfocused rant says…Smashing Pumpkins got it right…read this and tell me I’m wrong…

The world is a vampire, sent to drain
Secret destroyers, hold you up to the flames
And what do I get for my pain?
Betrayed desires, and a piece of the game

Even though I know – I suppose Ill show
All my cool and cold-like old job
Despite all my rage Im still just a rat in a cage (2x)
Then someone will say what is lost can never be saved
Despite all my rage Im still just a rat in a cage

Now I’m naked, nothing but an animal
But can you fake it, for just one more show?
And what do you want, I want to change
And what have you got when you feel the same


(chorus 2)
Tell me Im the only one
Tell me theres no other one
Jesus was an only son
Tell me Im the chosen one
Jesus was an only son for you

(chorus 2)

Despite all my rage Im still just a rat in a cage
Then someone will say what is lost can never be saved
Despite all my rage Im still just a rat in a cage
And I still believe that I cannot be saved

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