The Media – No Longer the Message

One doesn’t have to stray far to find insanity.  Let’s face it, all we need to do is turn on the tv.  And if you are a bit of a news junkie like I am, you have a lot to choose from.  In the U.S. you have your left leaning MSNBC, right leaning Fox News and middle of the road CNN.  And that’s aside from the myriad of network, local, radio news and blogs all around (guilty as charged!).

I started writing this on Friday and stopped before I got anywhere.  And sadly and unsurprisingly I had the perfect example stretched out in front of me all weekend long.  I couldn’t turn to any news channel, any local media news update, any radio news outlet without seeing what was apparently the MOST IMPORTANT NEWS STORY EVER!!

Yes, you know it!  Balloon Boy!  Can you believe it?  How could they?  The kids were corrupted in it.  Will there be charges laid?  And everyone mesmerized that someone could pull the wool over the news media’s eyes.  Pardon my french but what the fuck????

One look at the balloon tells you that no one could be in that flimsy piece of crap.  Did a reporter ask the question?  Did the police?  No, no, the story was TOO good, the narrative TOO compelling.  And once again the public’s incessant need for stupidity happily fulfilled by media outlets who have sold their souls for the greed that comes with ratings.

I get so offended by the assumption being I’d rather be force fed fluff and nonsense instead of actual news.  I don’t know what’s worse.  Is it the fact that the public is so happy to accept any moment of stupidity offered?  Or is that the media is corrupt enough that sensationalism, celebrity and moronic behaviour are now a corporately mandated expectation?

I had a good laugh this morning as the anchor of the early shift at Canada AM asked a CNN reporter ‘on the scene’ of balloon boy if they had any updates on the apparent revelation that the local news outlet may have been involved in the scam.  I have no idea whether there’s any truth to it or not (wouldn’t be much of  a stretch these days).  What was funny was the CNN reporter humming and hawing having no clue of that part of the story.  Yes, CNN, the most trusted name in news.


What is truth?  According to Fox News, it means that Obama is a socialist and a communist.  And a sad revelation that they have no idea what either means and that they don’t realize you can’t be both!  That they twist support for basic social rights afforded to all people in all democracies except the U.S. just shows a basic disrespect for truth.  News with an agenda is abhorrent to me.  And as much as I would love to listen to Keith Olbermann’s rants against George W Bush, I took it as entertainment.  Much of what he said was true but much was also just bluster.  Great entertainment but not reporting.

Truth is now considered opinion.  Facts are not black or white but easily twistable phraseology provided by pundits and not reporters.  And the public seems addicted to the circus provided by all these outlets.

Media is complicit.  Reporters almost non-existent.  I cry and I moan about the ridiculous being ‘reported’ alongside war.  Crazy people screaming attracts more airtime then the President explaining his views.  Sadly I’m beginning to think too many Americans are too stupid to see the truth.  When 30% or more believe some of the most ridiculous trash out there, we have a problem.

My fears continue on what is going to happen.  It isn’t that hard to foresee a day when a leader with dark intentions figures out how to fully exploit the media to completely befuddle the public and begin the darkest era.  We saw shadows of it from the Bush/Cheney years.  And as the grand stupefacation of the public continues, bubble boys will continue to lead where real news, real worries and real fears are given less than the thirty second clips that appear on Sunday afternoon when everyone is watching football.  The door will be open to control.

We should all mourn the loss of reporters and reporting.  We should all scream in anger at the corporate media’s attempts to bring idiocy to the fore.  We should all be offended that we are treated like children, unable to understand anything more complex than a hoax.  We have been hoaxed.  Will we wake up and fight back or will we let the greedy, power-hungry hoard control us?  These days, the latter seems to be the direction.

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