U2 at the Rose Bowl on Youtube

So did you watch?
I managed to catch the first hour (midnight until just after 1am).  Even that was a struggle as I had to get up at 4:30am.  The struggle was turning it off.  I sat in my living room in the dark with my laptop, full screen mode, as loud as I dared in a sleepy house.
Before I get into the show, I have to say that I have studiously avoided watching concert videos from the tour.  Not because I was waiting to see the show live.  More because you never get the real sense of the show from a single song.  Quality lacking, sound lacking.  I just don’t get the benefit of it.  I have watched songs here and there like Your Blue Room because that song is a big deal to me.  But I don’t watch clips from every show.
So it was with some anticipation I watched the clock.  11:30pm comes around and I sit there.  11:31.  11:32.  Hmmm, am I going to see anything?  Does Youtube have the bandwidth to stream this everywhere?  Finally it clicks in and I know I have another half hour to wait (wish they’d shown some of the Black Eyed Peas).  Some of the clips they threw in were pointless.  I did laugh at the Edge pretending to be confused about U2, U2ube, Youtube.
I loved they showed the boys backstage, waiting, walking out.  And I finally got a real sense from the camera work, of the sheer immensity of the claw and the staging.  Unreal!
There’s been some discussion on Breathe as an opening song.  I don’t know if it was the best way to open the show but I think, given how they come out, that it is perfect for that.  It reminded me of the old days when the show would end with each of them walking off and Larry left last.  I wonder if this was a remake of that.  Have Larry out first and each of them follow on instead of off.  The band does little without a full evaluation so I expect they wanted to make it a new version.
Get On Your Boots really flies live!!  Loved the opening, loved the performance!
Switching gears, the mood changes when Magnificent is played.  And as I watched Magnificent, Mysterious Ways and Beautiful Day follow on each other, I was struck again by the feeling.  Each of these truly God songs are sung by Bono like a benediction of sorts.  Magnificent is like an examination of of the power of God.  Mysterious Ways is just that, a look at the mystery that is God and Beautiful Day is like a note of thanks to God for this world and the amazing variety of blessings within it.  And instead of being a solemn and fearful prayer service, it is all out joy for the gifts.
After that it became a concert again and I enjoyed everything through Until the End of the World, when i finally pried myself away.  When they finally open up the streaming again, I’ll watch the rest.  Let’s just say I had my moment.  They never cease to amaze.
Rebroadcast will be here: http://www.youtube.com/u2
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One Response to U2 at the Rose Bowl on Youtube

  1. Natalia says:

    So I didn’t watch, anything….even we always see something…

    Here, the show was very early at 4.30 am. When you wake up, in the middle of the night, to see and be with U2. Closing all the doors around, that you can listen, a little loud. The house is sleeping, in a full silence. The room, where my pc stood, was in darkness too. In expectation. With a full screen, only, when the show starts, just, at the moment, when you will see them. Days before, doubting, if it would be, at 3.30 or 4.30 am. With the coincidence they change the hour, this weekend here. Absented minted, by some reasons, and too by the whish to see, that made you wake up at 3.30 am, even the day before. But this night -early morning, should I say- you will not sleep, when all would be finish, would be, here, 6.30am…and you could watch at the dawn, open up the day. In expectation, with this notion of time, so relative, here, and in another part of the world, with a different hour, but, at the same moment, at the same time, see U2, and feel their music. Only thinking of that, is amazing. A moment , suspended in time. L.A. and everywhere. The name of the stadium itself, make you dream at night..Rose Bowl….
    Some struggling, by the temptation to see them and to wake up early. Some struggling by the desire to see them, and trying it, without success, all the night.
    When all was in silence. Only waiting.

    Myself, I did not watch at the videos, either, before the show, this early morning. It is true, that watching by videos, and only a song, doesn’t give the sense of reality, the sound and the image, would not be the same, as real and clear, as you could see in a life show (even the sense of reality, the real one, you would only know, by see and listen, there, the reality inside the stadium, durying all the night). From this show, I have seen videos of many concerts, not all, but thinking of it, you whish overall to listen to those songs which had catched specially, yes, like Your Blue Room. But this morning-night, myself, I didn’t watch any video, or any sound either, just before, as you preferred to stay in silence, without any image of the show, in mind. It is to see the concert, as was the first time, as a initial experience, in concentration. Even I know, if I would have seen it in U2youtube, I would have remember mysef, in some way, my first show, 30th June, in Barcelona…. yes, the green river flows, so fast, passing throught the Pacific Ocean, in Rose Bowl, California, which will end, sooner in Vancouver, Canada.

    In anticipation too. Meanwhile, 4.30, 4.31, 4.33 passed. You doubted if U2youtube could join the continents, at the same time, without beeing colapsed. For my part, not interested to listen to The Black Eyes Peas (for style-and, yes, clips: pointless), whish see: U2. You click, but the only you saw was “Please, be patient as we fix today life webcast”; other many short comments of admiration in U2youtube, from happy people, all around all the world, which indicated that all is started.
    You, in the middle, at 4.44 am, with a post, hanging on, without watching.
    All night long, seeing their four faces, a picture over the screen, without moving. Clicking, without looking at. So you closed the eyes, at least, to imagine; to feel, as this spiritual energy could come into you. Hard to imagine.

    Anyway, this day was very special, and I like it, in my way.

    And this, could be my story, of a special event. But…it was going to start. I was going to switch off my pc, but, just, at this precise moment, by chance, a curious comment about the link of the rebroadcast, could be a second later and I could miss it, but then:

    Yes, I watch at it all!! The rebroadcast. Not life, but as it was. Tired of all the day, you doubted to stay. But if you couldn’t see it later? You click. Full screen, in darkness.
    Was at 22.30 pm (more or less? this time, you didn’t watch the hour). Instead of the anticipation, a happy wonderful breathtaking surprise. A sound, in the distance: David Bowie’s song takes you in. They are walking, backstage. Allong the corridors.
    This time, U2 are moving!, in a sense, you were dreaming, and the same time, so real.
    You thought this would remind the show you live yourself, months before, yes, by certain special moments of any songs, even not so real, not the same intense impression, but this Rose Bowl one show, has anything very special.

    Anything introspective, by the special mouvement of the camera slowy, in circular way, like a dance with the soul. As you were flying, over the immensity of the crowd illuminated in red, like a river that carries you away, following Bono’s slowy mouvements, who was singing, mostly with his eyes closed, with all his soul, surrounded in darkness where the colours, nearly don’t move, but plunging the crowd, into red, or blue. Was a warm atmosphere, during all the show, passing from a pace to another, many times without ever being conscious, how after a rythmic song you go throught a slowly one, all was playing so continuosly, as a whole.

    I don’t know myself if Breathe would be the better song for the opening. Yes, here Larry was the first to enter, and in the old shows, the last to leave. Here,all started, with the drums, with this first song, that strikes always. Certainly so many things are planned, evaluated, and not so much improvisation. (I wondered many times, about this part of improvisation in the performances…).

    Yes, with Magnificent, Mysterious Ways, and Beautiful Day, the mood changed, and became more spiritual. These truly songs of God and love sublime. Bono sang, as he was feeling the meaning of each song in his soul, yes with like a “benediction of sorts”. Magnificent, as the high demostration and power of the God-love; Mysterious ways, the mystery of the behaviour and manifestation of God-love; Beautiful Day, the way to be thankful to a God-love, for all that you received, is the elevation that takes you in another place, yes the feeling of many kind of blessings. In the deep Beautiful Day is a very profound and precious songs. And at the end of this one, Bono says to the fans “I love you so” and “give my soul to you”. Yes, was not solemn prayer that could afraid, a gift , in a warm, sincere and gay atmosphere present durying all the show.

    I think I enjoy it too all, but, I loved the performance of Unknown Caller! A close up over the Edge’s hands, playing the guitar, absolutely marvellous, always, catch the soul. I loved specially, the end of this show, Ultraviolet, was completely facinating, Without Without You, seems like a whisper, but the most, the most, Moment of Surrender. This song is for me really, like a blessing, when U2, could make you cry, singing and playing with the soul. A close up over his hands, and this version of rap, is truly, the most deep version you could listen of this song of profound love and despair. Yes, this song deserves to be always be the at the end of the show.
    Yes, they “never cease to amaze”.
    It was a gift as “fallen from the sky” to couls have listen to them in this very special day, waiting at 4.30 am , and ended at 1.15 pm, like a pure blessing, when you said: Thank you!.

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