Eels – Fresh Blood

You really need to listen to this before you read on…

I first met the band Eels with the song Novocaine for the Soul. Something was there and I always kept an eye out for the band. They fell off my radar for a long time, I liked the odd song but never really connected.

I heard this song Saturday Morning while watching the OC (yes, I watched the OC – sue me!). Really, really like this great pop track. I was surprised to see it was the Eels back into my cd player!

So it should have been less of a surprise to find their new song Fresh Blood. Except, again, I didn’t find it. It found me. And this time I was stunned to find who it was. Why?

If you know me at all, you know my tastes range far and wide. There isn’t a musical genre that I haven’t found something I like. I remain an alternative/new rock junkie but anything can catch my ear on any given day.

Any song that is dark and moody or has a darker slant will suit my soul. The Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen. Love Like Blood by Killing Joke. Bonecracker by Shocore. Jeremy by Pearl Jam. Hell, even Mofo by U2 fits the bill. And given tomorrow is Halloween, it’s an appropriate choice for this day! I didn’t think about that until right now so go figure! Blood is the choice!

Only the Eels could come up with an album focused on the trials and tribulations of love as a werewolf. Hombre Lobo is the album and yes, the concept is clear throughout. This song is the epitome though it applies to love for anyone, not just werewolves!

Things to love about Fresh Blood? The mood. The distortion. And best of all? The Howling! Woo! The whole thing breathes like its alive. It slinks and sloughs and feels downright naughty!

Sweet baby, I need fresh blood!

Happy Halloween!

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