Unreleased Unforgettable Fire Tracks

A friend was kind enough to pass along a couple of tracks from the 25th anniversary rerelease of The Unforgettable Fire.

The first is Yoshino Blossom. A brilliant instrumental piece which I love a little more with each play. The caustic opening grabs you and then transforms into something that reminded me of both 3 Sunrises and Spanish Eyes for some reason. I’m not entirely sure they are appropriate but they came to mind as I listened.

I love piano on U2 tracks and there is a focus in the song on that. It adds emotion to it. The ‘seagull’ sounds, for lack of a better description, bring a sense of contrast to the music. Piano is peaceful and touching while the grating of the birds works both with and against the rest of the music.

The other track I have is called Disappearing Act. Here’s the lyrics…more below…

I know I could get used to this
Your scent is something I’m not going to miss
It’s a small price to pay for bliss
Like a painter’s dog without a bone
When there’s only one thing you need to own
And that is hunger
Hunger itself

I know we’ll pick and wrench
Your night just ripped and it is torn to shreds
From all the lovers taken to your beds
They’re empty now
And you think that you can love
And you think that you can love
And you think that you can love
Someone into home

You do your disappearing act
You do your disappearing act

It’s not what it’s cracked up to be
Gets you where you need to be
Rather the river than your stepping stones
Leave the graveyard before you turn to bones
I’m tragic, your comedy
Oh, baby doll
The dogs are barking, they need to be fed
All of the lepers your let in your head
Is it empty now
‘Cause you think you can love
And you think that you can love
And you think that you can love
Someone into home

The thing about the words to this are the different turns you could take. Love song. Hate song. Frustration song. But for me this is a drug song. To me this is a look at someone who had a shot, had a love and messed it all up with abuse of drugs – small price to pay for bliss…alone. Leave the graveyard before you turn to bones. And you think that you can love.

The excess and pure selfishness of the addict make it impossible to love. And they will often use sex as the definer for the relationship. But that isn’t heart. That isn’t soul. It’s artifical joy masking a whole lot of pain. And alone they will be in the end.

The title, Disappearing Act is a great name for a very decent song. Any connection to you is gone in the haze. And every time you use, you disappear a little more.

I do mean this is a very decent song. It is not Bad but it is not bad! In many ways this song seems way before its time. To me the song itself could have been written in the last 10 years instead of 25 years ago. A sign of what would come I suppose. Curious if anyone else feels that way about this song. No surprise it didn’t make UF. But I’m glad to know this song.

Both tracks add something for me. They give a view to what must have been an amazing and difficult creative process. I think it shows the path between the U2 that was and the U2 that would be. I will have a better look at this around Christmas as I am expecting gifts (from my family but thanks for offering!). I hope you who have picked this great release up will take a few minutes to share your impressions.

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