I saw you once in the moonlight
A glowing wisp
Hand on hip
Daring me with a stare

You danced with joy abandoned
Arms raised
Twirling, dazed
And I hoped you were willing to share

You alit with a pixie dust whiff
Announced your presence
Perfumed decadence
Surrounding me with elegant flair

My hand outstretched with a hint of fear
Hope against hope
To dance, elope
Angst against the heart’s declare

That moment arrives
You know it always comes
When the expectations you have
Butt the doubts that you fear
Like a teenage duress
With an adult caress
The answer you are anticipating
Endless, eternal waiting

Your smile a dazzling prism in view
Eyes azure blue
Dizzying hue
My breath left me, weary

All pretense disappearing now
Reaching, beseeching
Needs now breeching
You turned and I felt only fear

A swish and a swath across your path
Twisting, turning
Overwhelmed, yearning
At the gate I wait, my dear

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