Gomez – Airstream Driver

Listen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-NWJ9OykJs

Do you ever hear a song come on the radio and think you know it already even though you’ve never heard it before? I had this experience with this song. I had no idea if it was new or old. It was new. I didn’t know the band. Nothing. But this one hit me as comforting and familiar but also new and interesting. Lyrics here, more below…

All the angels on the wire
Getting dizzy from the heights
Go carefully, carefully
Oh, airstream driver

She shoots but never misses
Stare down, passin’ traffic
Go carefully, carefully
Oh, airstream driver

I would return the favour
Oversleep the rapture
Go carefully, carefully
Oh, airstream driver

Your watermelon candy mouth
The penthouse at the Sands
Go carefully, carefully
Oh, airstream driver

Go go go go carefully, airstream driver

Now I could try and analyze the lyrics to death but I’m going to roll on first impressions. I had a picture of this band sitting on a tour bus, driving down the highway. And if you don’t know Airstream, to me that is motorhome/RV type equipment and if you have ever seen their all silver model, that is the picture in my head listening to this song. A silver bullet of mobile home flying down the highway barely in control.

I see someone watching this crazy person and just saying over and over ‘go carefully’. Don’t kill yourself. Don’t kill someone else. I base that on the ‘oversleep the rapture’ – meaning don’t kill me!!

And it appears to be a woman driving it, maybe heading to Vegas (penthouse at the Sands?). For whatever reason the ‘watermelon candy mouth’ brought a picture of a woman, overdone with makeup, brilliant red lipstick, leopard skin tights, hair up in a scarf, music blaring and paying no attention to the world around her. Oh go carefully you Airstream driver!!

Great song, check it out!

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