Palin by Comparison

If you think about it. If you think really, really hard. Does it make your head hurt?

A question for Sarah Palin.

Would she answer? Could she? Directly I mean. Not with obfuscation but with sincerity.

For someone who appears to be in training. For someone who has goals and aspirations beyond most sane people. For someone who likes to see her name. Anywhere.

Ultimately my questions don’t regard her or her motivations. Honestly, I didn’t want to write anything that contained her name. I almost stopped just now. I didn’t sit down to talk about her. The first sentences came and she appeared. She doesn’t deserve a minutae of thought, energy or time. But she is an example.

Of what?

Crass conservatism. Lies. Negativity. A willingness to destroy but never concede. A thrill gained from torture but never a concession. All or nothing. Black or white. Straw man arguments. Poor man disregard.

Funny to hear her and the like complain about elitism when they are the finest example of superiority since, well, I won’t say it.

We’ve watched the destruction of the middle class under these circumstances. And the middle is not a place these people live. Nor care. Nor want. According to them, they deserve. They are chosen. And they are Chosen.

Hey! Between God and money, what more could you want from a power perspective? And the saddest part of all?

The sheep. The followers. The believers. Who are the base?

The poorest. The least educated. Those who want for the most and are given nothing from those with the most. And they just can’t see. They blame liberals. They blame media. They listen to hokey rhetoric and accept. They trust. Why would they lie? Why would I doubt when they say ‘God says’?

The meek shall inherit the earth? Hahahahahha

If there is a God in Heaven, Heaven must be full of dead, poor, ultra-conservative supporters.

I’ll skip Heaven, thanks.

Education? Salvation is based in knowledge. Your soul, the gifts of who you are. The generosity. Caring. For others. Sharing. I learned that in kindergarten. An unknown in the power structure. The base actually tries to care for each other. With nothing.

Knowledge. History. An expanded view of both home and abroad. The only path to being saved.

Saved? Not for God. Saved from the counter-culture. Saved from the people who are trying to keep you in line. Saved from endless poor, terminally unemployed.

You see people screaming about Obama, socialism. They stand outside of shuttered businesses while they eat from food banks. But they still don’t see. The very support they give goes to the very people who closed that business and pushed you to the soup kitchen.

Tax breaks! Endless! But we can’t pay for wars. But you can’t say that! Dispatriot! Be neoamerican! Kill the liberal, commie, socialist Nazis! A schooled person would realize the dysfunction.

And of course Faux News will cover it with fake crowd clips from the wrong event.

If I wasn’t so close to all of this, I would think this was an amazing comedy show. It is all so ridiculous, insane, moronic and sad. I cannot believe that things have gotten so bad.

Bad enough that I’m praying to God to NOT let me into Heaven.


As if…

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