Canada Condoned Torture?

The link to this Globe and Mail article explains the context:

I think I may be sick. I could never have imagined my country capable of this. I could have never foreseen a day when my government would be complicit in something like this. I grew up in a land of peace keepers. I grew up with the intense pride of a country on the right side of morality and humanity.

Welcome to Stephen Harper’s Canada. Our Prime Minister will deny knowledge. His cohorts will attack Colvin in an attempt to discredit his testimony. The problem is his position as a senior diplomat. Colvin is not exactly the type of person to make this up.

If my rant on conservatism wasn’t enough yesterday, my sickness about it today is overwhelming.

When did this all change? When did a Canadian Prime minister look at a President like Dubya and think ‘hell ya!’? The world is going to hell. And I for one am sick to death of thinking about this, arguing about this. When did the public get so sedate. There won’t be anywhere near the appropriate moral outrage there should be. Nor would be in the past.

A sad statement. An embarrassing moment for Canada. Nice lead up to the Olympics Harper.

Another grand example of the type of leader Stephen Harper is:

On the recent trip to Asia he wouldn’t meet with any major outlet’s reporters. He did offer to meet with one reporter from an ethnic newspaper covering the trip. The communications director screened the questions and demanded that no questions about politics be asked.

Referenced here:

So how often does the leader of a country demand no political questions???? Sickening message control. I wish this was a bigger story too.

I am not a happy Canadian today. Sadly, I don’t know what can happen to change that anytime soon.

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