Hope Springs

In a world full of pain
Anger lurks
Despair looms
Takes all I have just to stay sane

So much is dark
Evil invades
Impervious dusk
Round each curve in search of the spark

The door it has a key
You have to know how
You cannot stop
If you really want to see

It’s called a fight for a reason
And you know it is the season
The urge to give up
Can overwhelm so many things
You can illuminate
Your heart inviolate
The journey makes the worth
When you go to Hope Springs

Faith is not meant to be
Something that you attain
It’s there inside
You have to look to see

Your soul is not a substitute
Money isn’t worth or worthy
Don’t fool yourself to think
You must be wholly resolute

Love is a boundless river
No start, no end
There for you if you’ll just believe
Love is a vehicle to deliver

So I ask you take this on
Without question or exception
Bring your heart to the fore
And see if it sings
Look deep in your soul
To know the real goal
Take the road that leads
To where Hope Springs

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One Response to Hope Springs

  1. Wind says:


    Add a certain guitar, bass and drums to the mix…

    Those words you committed to virtual paper passed my acid test, so they must be truth. And truth resides in beauty.

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