So I see the inimitable Ms. Palin has decided to wade in on the climate debate with an op-ed in the Washington Post.

Sadly scientists actually ask themselves hard questions. They question their own methods and results. And they may even make mistakes once in a while. I’m not sure how this allows the conservatives to question decades of research. That is the world we live in unfortunately.

Reading Sarah’s account you would think that climate change is the single greatest snow job (yes, pun intended) ever perpetrated on mankind since science ‘proved’ the world is millions of years old. Oh my! Her clever intelli-speak is littered with the usual drivel…climate change schemes, cap-and-tax etc…

And then we get into the real meat of her arguments. That Obama should have stayed home from Copenhagen because in his inaugural address he stated he wanted to “restore science to its rightful place.” Huh?

Or how about “Without trustworthy science and with so much at stake”? I call decades of research trustworthy. Unlike her and the rest of the right who think mistakes are something that never occur under their watch, this is particularly comical.

The cap-and-trade program (something that the right finds impossible to reference – much like Bush’s penchant for referencing the Democrat party instead of the Democratic party) is a potential solution not a scheme. Is it or will it be perfect? No. I consider it a start. And that Sarah refers to it as a scheme instead of a possible step towards a solution is just typical of all her unexplained arguments.

I find myself writing about this idiocy more and more simply because it is so false and so wrong. The media has its own issues in this. Giving voice to the stupidity while letting reality drown in the mire is just another loathsome step in the grand stupidity.

I can honestly say if I was an op-ed writer for the Washington Post, I’d be offended. That they let the falsehoods and twisted logic define the debate instead of actually reporting and rebutting fully and in full voice is sick and wrong.

So if you don’t quite what I get when I say stupidity or ‘dumbing down’, you need to watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. If you can find this on Youtube watch it. Look for ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (12/08/2009) Clip 2’. It’s a great example.



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