I Dream of Crystal – Maps

Listen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1F8izLoE8U

Maps is a relatively new band that is really James Chapman. He has had significant success in a short period of time. His first release We Can Create was nominated for the Mercury Prize. This one has serious talent and Maps is a band to keep your eyes on. This song is a sure indication.

Lyrics here, more below:
So, let me begin
By laying down the state we’re in
With a belt in of gin
I can handle bout anything

But this is out of control
Do what you like to me
But please don’t hurt her man
Cause I will hit you
Hard as I can
But that ain’t really the plan
You see

Please don’t get me wrong
But you can’t knock what you’ve never done
It ain’t always fun
But at least you’ll be living son
So get the fuck off my case
Yeah she is an angel
Man I don’t doubt that
And I will screw it up
I’m used to that
As the radio plays

You can’t change this way of life
You can’t change this state of mind – repeat 2 lines 6 more times

What do I love about this song? Everything!

You have a bizarre title, never mentioned in the song. You have a song with somewhat upbeat, almost happy music. And you the words which seem much darker.

If you know me, this is a killer combination for me! I love songs that work internally against itself. And what’s not to love here?

It sounds like a conversation between a current boyfriend and the former boyfriend. Maybe the girl is trying to get the new guy to do some things she used to do with the old one.

I love the drama and the threat of violence. Showing how much the old boyfriend still cares but knows he messed it all up.

So what’s with the title?

I puzzled this one quite a bit. I can only come up with one decent idea.

I think crystal, I think prism. I think light refracting, scattering.

I think the old boyfriend. I think issues. I wonder if we’re talking some form of mental illness. Or perhaps some scattered emotions that made him unable to commit completely to the relationship.

If anyone else has some good ideas, share them in the comments.

Maybe the crystal represents the girl. Maybe the refracted light represents the two guys and she has feelings for both?

Ahhh, love it!

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