Stephen Harper – Canada’s Dubya

I take little in the way of pleasure from telling you this story. As a Canadian, I am quite disillusioned by the strength and support of the political right. Keep in mind in my almost 30 years of voting I have voted Liberal, Conservative and New Democrat on multiple occasions. And yes, Liberal is generally my political outlook, I do see a place for conservatism. What I don’t see is a need for the psychotic, power-hungry, all-controlling version of conservatism currently capturing the news cycle south of the border.

I have complained about Stephen Harper often. I am only satisfied by the fact that he has yet to manage a majority government in this country. Should he, I fear what will come. We are already dealing with his decisions that resulted in our troops handing off prisoners in Afghanistan who we knew would be tortured. I cannot imagine the power grab that would happen should he gain Parliamentary control.

I’ve watched as Mr. Harper tried to completely discredit the man who brought the torture allegations to light. And there are many others. Rule by fear. Welcome to America North – Dubya’s little brother. As he now tries to convince the Governor-General to delay the next session of Parliament until after the Olympics, you may ask ‘Why?’. Because he wants these scandals to die down and give the economy a chance to recover further so he can have that election he is sure he can win fully.

There’s a great article outlining his ideals in the Ottawa Citizen. Please read this and take proper offense. And whether you are Canadian or not, make sure every Canadian you know sees this. We need Stephen Harper to go the way of Dubya. Away.

And if you need further proof of Dear Leader Stephen’s views, check out this article from 1997 he penned with Tom Flanagan. We should all fear this man and his ideas and ideals.

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