The Home of the Not So Brave

So as we look at the new world we live in, it’s hard not to wonder what happened. When did we get so scared? When did we lose the confidence in ourselves? When did we lose our moral imperative?

With the Christmas day bomb attempt on that Northwest Airlines flight, it seems a new wave of panic has resulted. And a new wave of calls for the destruction of our liberties, our freedoms, the stuff people and countries are built on. And why?

Suddenly we need full body scans? Did you know that had the scan been done on the bomber, they would not have caught him then either?

You think I’m kidding but I’m not. They would have missed it.

The only reason he got there was a lack of coordination between intelligence departments. It was inevitable. Perfection is always sought but such a hard target to hit.

So why are people so willing to let the government scan their bodies? Why does anyone want some airport security personnel seeing you nude. And why are you so easily swayed into giving up your freedoms?

Fear. Fear is ugly and sinister and part of the darkness I was discussing in yesterday’s blog entry (Kick at the Darkness…). And fear has been running the American psyche since 9/11, fuelled by the dynamic duo of George W Bush and Dick Cheney. And so many have bought into it. We let the government listen to our phone calls, read our e-mails. We approve torture, remove rights from citizens and ignore anyone suspected’s right to a fair trial. Why?

Are we that afraid? Do we no longer have the courage of our convictions? Do we not believe in the ideals that are bound in the Constitution? Do we no longer fight and die for them?

Would you throw everything your country stands for out the window because one man had his underwear full of explosives? Maybe you didn’t notice but it was the people who stopped it. It was brave people who were willing to take the risk.

Are you brave? Will you say ‘screw you’ to both the government trying to corrupt your rights and the criminals trying to perpetrate these acts? Will you say ‘no more’ to watching the fabric of the country you love being ripped apart out of simple fear.

Are you willing to die for your freedoms? Do you still believe that it IS worth the cost. No one wants to die. No one wants to see loved ones lost. But are you really willing to stand idle as your country slips from a beacon of freedom in the world to what basically amounts to a minor dictatorship where the separation of church and state is blurred. Sounds an awful lot like some of the countries we’re supposed to be fighting. And you wonder why the rest of the world laughs at America?

Do you understand your own Constitution and your own history. Do you know why the Founding Fathers made the choices they did? If you did, you’d know that what has happened in recent years must be making them churn in their graves. Ask yourselves what they would say to you. They would tell you to fight for what makes this country great. Don’t bow to fear. Stand strong.

Can you? Will you?

I’m not American, I’m Canadian. But I see the same crap here as my government orders 45 of those ridiculous body scanners. I have told the Prime Minister, the other leaders and my local representative what I think. Will you?

Do you believe? Do you have the will? Do you have the strength? Are you brave? Do you live in the home of the brave. Is your land still the land of the free? No it isn’t. So what are you going to do about it?

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