Down To The Wire – Son Volt

Listen here:

I just recently found this band despite it being around in different incarnations. The most recent incarnation of the band started touring in 2007. This song has a bit of a country feel and an alternative feel at the same time. Call it Neil Young-esque.

Lyrics here, more below:
Wake up to the Biddle Street blues
Can’t shake the news
All the way to the big dome
They’re trying

The intrigues of the new royalty
And the believers
In the afterlife
Share the same gamblers pages

Cobblestone streets saw 3 sovereign flags
As they raised their glasses to conquest and nation
Still pawns playing out the legacy
Of long dead industry titans and haters of men

Feeling down to the wire
Feeling down to the wire

Plastic grocery bags fly from trees
Proud symbols of a cavalier progress
Memories and landscapes in triage
Disappearing averages, permanent changes

No jury will have a final say
Everyone knows the jury is guilty
Faced with no plan at all
Just to trick a smile out of the moment

Feeling down to the wire
Feeling down to the wire

Feeling down to the wire
Feeling down to the wire

So the very first thought I had on this one was that it was about Hurricaine Katrina. It just felt like someone standing in the middle of New Orleans and looking at the devastation. Wondering why. Knowing that responsibility would never assigned and no one, except the people, would ever pay for the disaster.

The music has a dry pain kind of feel. The pain after the tears have all dried. You have nothing left but that ache inside.

Now I don’t believe Biddle Street is in New Orleans, I think those blues come out of St Louis but I could certainly see someone referencing those blues tracks for something bad. So I think the Katrina reference works though I’d love some other opinions…

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