Lyin’ and Palin and Fox! Oh my!

So the shock of the century!  Sarah Palin on Fox News!

The woman who spent half her so-called political (hahahah) career slamming said media is now a member of the worst punditry on television. Okay, so a monkey could have predicted it. Most likely by spreading its own feces on the ground during a full moon. Or guessing.

Oh the dream team!! Hannity, O’Reilly, Beck, Palin!

The four horses asses of the apocalypse!

So much to look forward to! Starting with tonight’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart!

Whatever will Sarah start with? Obama the socialist nazi pinko? The God’s will of global warming? New conservative mantras to read to your children? You betcha! Just don’t let the children sing about Obama you brainwashing Dems you! Maybe she’ll suggest that Israel a-bomb Iran so we can speed along the end of times!

One things for sure. Faux News’s reputation for truth will be held on high. The 2010 elections will be as ugly as humanly possible.

My Palin predictions for 2010:
– the so-called mainstream media will talk this to death
– every stupid thing she says will appear on every media outlet
– she will outdraw all others on Fox
– she will be the biggest supporter of the latest ‘no terror on Bush’s watch’ bullshit
– she will be in a divorce case by year’s end – due to infidelity by herself, her hubby or both
– she will appear on Rush Limbaugh’s show and sacrifice a live fetal pig to God in order for the new conservative movement to sweep the 2010 elections
– she will get new glasses in June and the world as we know it will stop
– Tina Fey will randomly appear at conservative events with a camera crew secretly put together by Michael Moore for a new documentary tentatively titled ‘Palin – The Whitening of America’ to be released 3 months before the 2012 election

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5 Responses to Lyin’ and Palin and Fox! Oh my!

  1. Tom says:

    Sarah Palin is the hot babe old goats like John McCain leave their wives for. So I’m sure she’ll find a solid audience at Fox.

  2. smirkdirk says:

    I hope she shows cleavage!

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