There Is A Silence

In the moments that come
Between the in betweens
Like the horizon at a distance
Hurricaine’s eye serene

Those chances so few
The need is so great
A second to evaluate
A chance to escape

There is a silence that lives
A place off the map
Where the inner voice speaks
And the soul is unwrapped
Precious seconds of time
Honest thought can surround
A peace can descend
God’s will can be found
The sense of the common
The truth of the right
The blessings abound
As you step into the light

You walk a path of choices
Your life is your direction
And when you stop to listen
The voice is your reflection

So take the time for you
And live the life for others
Just believe and find some trust
We are but a clan of brothers

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2 Responses to There Is A Silence

  1. Pete Olsen says:

    This quite beautiful Larry. Thanks for your reflection. Peace. Pete

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