America For Sale – How Much Is The Presidency?

I find things to be disgusted about on a daily basis. It isn’t hard to do. A simple scan around for stupid decisions by people is as simple as it gets. The thing is, you don’t expect people who are supposed to be of sound judgement to do that. Most especially when the group of people showing a distinct lack of sanity is the Supreme Court of the United States.

Their most recent decision around corporate campaign funding must fall into the ‘we must have been drunk that day’ category. How does a body that is supposed to live by ‘reason’ and ‘constitutional interpretation’ come to the conclusion that corporations and unions are the equivalent of ‘people’? Corporations and unions can now spend ANY amount of money on elections. ANY AMOUNT. Does this make sense?

My first reaction when I heard that was to realize the hypocrisy that comes when suddenly very few people (i.e., CEOs and Union leaderships) suddenly get two bases of influence. One as an individual and one as a much more powerful entity. So suddenly the republic that touts the rights of the people decide that entities which are run by the same people should have UNLIMITED rights when it comes to election spending.

So now Joe Blow (not the Plumber) who can’t afford to buy network airtime to express his views is now completely silenced by the endless onslaught of crap paid for by any and every corporation.

We can call this ‘he who has the most cash wins’.

We can call this the price of pure capitalism.

We can call this the complete bastardization of the Supreme Court.

So does Obama have enough powerful friends in corporate America to get reelected? Or will Sarah Palin, who works with the traditional power broker party, be bought to office?

Here’s a better question. Can Rupert Murdoch purchase airtime on CNN to promote the views of Fox News for an election run up? You betcha! And may God smite you down if you say no.

Every issue can now be controlled by money. Every view can be corrupted by overwhelming the opposition in the media. Do you think any reality can come in making progress on global warming when every bill can be trashed by Halliburton and the coal industry? Would there even be a bill when they can make sure whoever agrees with them (aka take their money) gets elected?

Ever since Bush was first elected, we’ve watched so many things fall by the wayside. So many individual rights trashed by fear. Are you scared to travel today? You can’t blame the ‘tighty whitey bomber’ for that. You can thank the media and the governments over-reaction to it. Full body scans that wouldn’t have stopped him anyway. Brilliant!!

How bad will it be now? Don’t you think the industrial complex that supports the military will be trying to make Muslims even scarier so you can fund the ‘next weapon’? Don’t you think the insurance industry that supports health care will be telling you about the escalating taxes if you let the government in, all the while raising your rates and denying you treatment?

Don’t you think the Wall Street financial barons will tell you the market will collapse if you allow these new rules to happen all the while raising your fees and lowering your savings interest. You won’t have any savings anyway. And they’ll lend you untold amounts of cash, foreclose you house and resell it to the next fool and hold that mortgage too.

You think I’m kidding? I think I’m being a bit laid back here. Unless something changes, your government will be brought to you Exxon, AIG, Halliburton, Pfizer and Goldman-Sachs.

Think about that.

And as a final thought, you should watch this. I love Keith Olbermann even though he is way over the top most of the time. But he does make excellent points when he sticks to it. He is a classic ‘worst case scenario’ guy and here it is for you…

Part 1:

Part 2:

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