Broken Soul

With a rage born of oppression
When your freedom
Is deemed depression
And your dreams
Just seem imprisoned
On the shores and scores
Of your lessons

When the life you lead is lost
And the price you’ve paid
Comes with ecclesiastical cost
The emotions swing and sway
From doom to loft
And the direction home is hidden
In a compass needle frost

The sharpest cut of lies
When the core of you just dies
Breath lost in a wind of sighs
Or buried under the seas that rise
Waking from your sleepy demise
To grasp at the hope that defies
Your broken soul gives wails and cries
And the light within escapes and flies

As the order and the chaos build
As the destruction ravaged core
Defies the coming guild
Darkness gets punished as
A new brilliance filled
The godless and God-like bile
Is dispersed and distilled

So prayer gifts given and said
Breadth of sorrow extends
At the very edge of dread
Kicking and pummel again
To see the reed thin thread
The fire within and without
Becomes your own soul’s bread

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One Response to Broken Soul

  1. slpmartin says:

    I’ve read this poem several times out loud … exploring .. . feeling .. wondering…but knowing that it is a gift that I’m glad I opened. Thanks!

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