Upside-Down Kingdom

The race
Is a waste
Killing time
Elusive chase

Bitch and moan
About our place
Never enough
Shit can’t wait

Hoarding masses
Helping others?
Endless passes

We run
We race
We fly at apace
We flip
And expect
Buy like we’re crazed
We lose
We are lost
Missing priority
What life?
What love?
An upside-down kingdom

Oh when?
And oh where?
Did we lose track
Did we lose care

A bomb
Let it blow
Take this all back
Let it all go

Lost our way
Lost our mind
When did money replace
Just being kind

We stun
We crave
We remake our face
We dip
And we crawl
Balk at the waste
We pose
We are frost
Missing integrity
What’s right?
What’s precious?
In the upside-down kingdom

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2 Responses to Upside-Down Kingdom

  1. slpmartin says:

    I like the way this poem developed and the economy of the lines but the still providing strong imagery…thanks for sharing it.

  2. jingle says:

    money is not everything,
    money can not buy your life on earth…

    beautiful poem,

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