Jon Stewart vs Newt Gingrich

Another fine example of what’s wrong with the right in the US. You may want to watch the entire show because there are some great clips of the Republicans in Hawaii and why they just don’t get the optics of ‘slumming in Hawaii’ during tough times.

Jon does his usual mastery of explaining why fear isn’t the answer. Standing up to fear is the answer. The whole idea that New Yorkers would be traumatized by having the terrorist trial in their fine city is laughable at best, criminal at worst. I have yet to meet and talk to a New Yorker who wouldn’t like 5 minutes with those guys.


Part 1 Canada Clip 3:

Part 1 Full Episode US (clip 3 is Newt if you can get it)

Part 2 Canadian clip:

Part 2 US clip:

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