Vancouver 2010 – Part II


What a finish! Oh yeah, the hockey game was good too! 🙂

How many stunning moments were there? I can’t count. And I can honestly say they weren’t all Canadian.

An example? The Slovenian cross-country skier, Petra Majdic, who fell into a deep ditch and broke 4 ribs and punctured a lung. And she won the bronze!!! That’s crazy!

And we have our own Joannie Rochette. Her mother died the day she arrived in Vancouver. Joannie decided to skate in her honour. And against all odds, won the bronze.

Do those two deserve the Terry Fox Award for most inspiring? How could they not?

I could recap all the wonderous performances. But they stand on their own. Skiing, skating, hockey, snowboard. Every event was its own story.

I thought the closing ceremony was a great mix of tradition, humour and fun. I absolutely howled when they used the defective leg of the cauldron from the opening ceremony to open the closing ceremony. And wonderfully hokey as we are, giving moose antlers to the entire audience made me laugh.

Did anyone outside Canada even get the whole ‘I am Canadian’ segment? I did. Bill Shatner had a wonderful version of that he did a few years ago. That the idea for it came from a beer commercial only makes it all the more ridiculous and typically Canadian!

I thought having Neil Young sing that song for the extinguishing of the Olympic torch was brilliant. His voice is not so clear but the man does inspire. And if you don’t know his music. Go. Now. Listen. Learn.

And though the music for the party portion was a collection of mainstream artists singing their mainstream songs, it seemed appropriate for the world stage. Still, I would have preferred Kings of Leon, maybe some Arcade Fire mixed with Leonard Cohen!

As I stated in my previous post on the Olympics, something has changed in us as a nation. I see everyone commenting on it. Our laid back Canadian psyche has had a boost. An allowance to believe. Not just in our athletes but in ourselves.

We still have that great ability to laugh at ourselves, make fun of who we are. But we are more willing show our pride, on our sleeves. From the massive crowds in Robson Square to the people who closed down Yonge Street in Toronto. From the bars of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia and right across this great land.

Canada has long been considered one of the best places on earth to live. We take great pride in that though we don’t run around telling everyone. That won’t change. Our troops and our peacekeepers do so much with so much less than other armed forces. But we don’t throw that in your face. But we will tell you what an amazing place this is. From natural wonders to cultural diversity to the European ‘feel’ of many of our cities.

There is no lack of pride in this land. And now the world has been able to see a little of what we are made of. Definitely lacking in igloos and fur coats. Definitely not lacking in heart, care or willingness to share. if you’ve never been here (and ‘here’ is huge by the way), maybe you should make the trek (<– Stupid Bill Shatner/Capt. Kirk reference!). You will be welcomed.

My name is Larry. I AM CANADIAN. And guess what? In our eyes, so are you!

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