A catch of breath left me dazed
At a loss for words
I tripped and flipped
Slipped quietly from the rage

Stunned from the right
No peace and no mind
Heart screaming
Left facing demons in the night

Walk don’t run
Float instead of swim
Drowning like a rat
Who was never sure to begin
Foaming, frothing
Pummeled and pulled down
Paying the price inside
But is it fate or sin?

Does knowledge trump faith
When the aspects of the day
Crash from every which way
No lasting view to the grace

Saddled by the fear
Sadness basted stresses
Foment in growing waves
And only released in tears

Ask, beg or tell
How it came to be
A maelstrom hitting hard
Not simply dragging you down
Drowning on the options
Coughing up life’s blood
How do you change the trappings?
With no access to the crown

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2 Responses to Drowning

  1. enreal says:

    “well now…”, those were the words that came out after I finished this aloud. these words seem to hold a unique energy, almost sad and angry yet burdened. very nice composition. i look forward to reading you in the future

  2. slpmartin says:

    A very strong poem with many of the questions people ask about religion and faith.

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