Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right

Here I am. Stuck.

Frustration abounds. We seem to be living in this endless wasteland. Sometimes I wish the extreme yahoos on the right are right and these are just the end of days.

No one on any side of the political spectrum is without blame for this. There is no ‘policy’. There is only money and power. There is no team in ‘I’. The ‘we’ is really ‘us’ or ‘them’. The coffers are full. The hearts are empty. ‘We the People’ has become a giant ‘fuck you and the poor ass that brought you here’.

We the People of the planet Earth,
in Order to form a working Union,
establish universal Justice, insure planetary Tranquility,
provide for the common defence of all People,
promote their mental and physical Welfare,
and secure the Hope that comes with Liberty
to ourselves and all Others, forever,
do ordain and establish
this Constitution for the People of this planet Earth.

There. That’s it. That’s all. Right there. Put your damn John Hancock below and lets scrap this shitfest we live with. I pronounce all of us President of the World. No politics. No spin. No borders. Life. Liberty. And the pursuit of Life and Liberty for all. Caring for each other is all that matters. And it is so very clear that no one in power gives a rats ass about love. So I declare all politicians shit! I declare all banks and financial institutions and their so-called regulators as asses! I condemn any and all religions that promote themselves over any particular people as hate-filled pussholes!

Let’s tear down all institutions of control and replace them with institutions of care, of hope, of joy!

If only!


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5 Responses to Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right

  1. smirkdirk says:

    Whoa. Just came across this clip of Glenn Beck going after you on FOX News!

    Check out the video here:|1266259-Y9nMJdx&referred_by=17627072-4cKhLkx&email=0


  2. enreal says:

    Wow! If Only Indeed. Powerful and full of energy.

    where do I sign?

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