Jaded Fortunes

You start out with a fever
The fervent glow of expectation
The energy of young lust
And a will-based perception

You muscle forward on a dream
The gains are full expression
Of a life and a longing
A quest and a mission

The magic is like a bubble
A child-blown dancing orb
And when you recognize fragility
It’s all too much to absorb

At the mercy of
And dependence insisting
Driven by drivel
A constance resisting
The green of effort
From bangs and booms
The green of sickness
All coloured by jaded fortunes

When did the reward of effort
Become the advent of loss?
And when did the controllers decide
To add you as a cost?

Profiteers keep profits
Made off the backs of mere men
Criminal is the simplest element
To hell they should descend

So am I angry?
I think you know I am
We need to take back our lives
Because they just don’t give a damn

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One Response to Jaded Fortunes

  1. enreal says:

    this is quite brilliant. it radiates a colorful energy

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