Let Armageddon Begin!

I guess now that health care reforms have passed, the end times can begin in earnest!

With Adolph Obama winning the day, we can all die in the burning hell-fire of Commie Nazi run death panels! As Rahm ‘the torturer’ Emmanuel is sent across the US gathering up those hoards of ‘right thinking’ ‘real’ Americans to face the music of this new day.

Pity those who will no longer be denied care by the insurance companies! Oh the sorrow of those with pre-existing conditions who must now live with the reality of available coverage. Obama’s heathens!!! What have they done????

I stayed up too late watching the ridiculous events unfold on CNN. The stupidity culminating in whatever Republican it was who decided to yell ‘baby killer’ at the Democrat’s staunchest pro-life supporter. The right disgusts me with the endless lies, strawman arguments, hatred, bile, attacking a pro-health care Parkinson’s patient (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13TQow6zJsQ), racism and whatever other form of hatred they’ve portrayed.

What is truly sad is that the Republican party is taken seriously under these circumstances. I was stunned by David Gergen’s pronouncement that there was some new, interesting voices for the Republican party. He cited John Boehner as one of those voices. The same guy who declared that if this bill passed it would be Armageddon.

The fear that started with the Bush Administration and has been shoved in the face of every American by the right every single day since 9/11 continues. And it saddens and disgusts me daily that Americans buy this crap. I don’t know if this is an education issue. I don’t know if people who consider themselves Republican just simply accept that their party is right in all things without really looking at each issue.

It’s time a more relevant and intelligent right-wing emerged in the US. Instead of the clap-trap that is the extreme tea party crowd, we really need to see someone on the right who doesn’t engage in fear and hate come to the fore. Yes, I consider myself a Liberal by nature but I have voted Conservative as well. An intelligent right-wing is just as viable as the left. But a right-wing running on negativity that spends its time attacking without any logic or plan other than the failure of the other is just wrong.

Where is that right-wing intelligentsia? Does that person or people exist in this day and age? Unfortunately we don’t see any evidence of it.

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2 Responses to Let Armageddon Begin!

  1. larrylootsteen says:

    Buffons indeed! If Rush does move to Costa Rica (yeah right) I wonder if he realizes they have full health care there…hahaha

    Thanks for writing!

  2. Darrell Childress says:

    You’ve made some really good points in there, Larry. It astounds me – the inanity of the rhetoric of some of the right-wing, and how so many people buy into it. It’s almost become a sort of religion for them where they use fear and empathy to lure them into their “cult” where they’ll save you from the evil and wiles of the “devilish” left. While I, too, definitely consider myself a liberal by nature, I drink no one’s kool-aid and try to look at all issues with an objective eye. The conservative movement seems to have been taken over by buffons like Glenn Beck (completely laughable) and Rush Limbaugh (at least he’s now moving to Costa Rica, assuming he’s a man of his word).
    I enjoy your blog, keep it up,

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