Headdress – Amazing Baby

Listen here:

This is a pretty new band out of Brooklyn. I love the feel of this band. They have some amazing potential. I hope this song is a good introduction for you.

Lyrics here, more below:
I’m the man who’s gotta know
What I’ve done and what I’ve lost ’cause of what I’ve done
And I can’t say another word except to say, I’m sorry to you baby
And I don’t know another thing except that you’re the only girl I love, no
And I can’t seem to understand, how I walked away from the best thing I ever had

Molly, I got mad at you, I did some things I wish I had been better
I did to you what you did to me, but I did it so unexpectedly, I was angry
Molly, I’ve got news for you, no one understands what we have but me and you
And I don’t care what your friends think, what my friends think, what your mom thinks
I’ll be with you
‘Cause we live and love like each other
We get mad like each other
We were made for each other
But grew up differently

I may have disappointed you, I know you know I’m sure I will do better
If I’m the man that you love the most then lay him down and let me put my 2 cents in
Molly, I’m not begging you, I’m telling you that nothing else should matter
I feel this strong in every bone in my body knows that you’re my fucking baby
‘Cause we make love like each other
We get mad like each other
We were made from each other
But grew up differently
We grew up differently

Brilliant lyrics of the struggles of two people in love. But this is different from your standard teeny-bopper fable. It has that real feel of two people who both messed up and two people who should have done better. No clear indication whether things will work, like real life. I especially love the ‘we grew up differently’. Almost an excuse or perhaps a hope for a reason to forgive. The music is working at odds with the wording to me. I found it upbeat but now thinking about it, it almost feels confusing. So maybe that isn’t so much at odds with the story but enhancing it like the minds and hearts working for and against each other. Either way, I love this song!

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