Endless Dark

The staccato barrage
Of a Barretta automatic
Signals the end
Of a poor innocent
In a siege of guilt laden humanity

Encircled and enslaved
Those without, with no way,
No ability to pave a path
Through or out
Of the swill of insanity

Young and old trapped
In drugs and corruption
A war of violence and vehemence
Of senseless destruction
Life without lifeline
Brutal dictatory
All cash and control
Without the resurrection

How much?
How many?
And why?
No end
No way to refuse

Lost in the endless dark
Cost in endless blood
Is it shed for You?
Where is the light for those
Who never get to choose?

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One Response to Endless Dark

  1. slpmartin says:

    Very powerful social poem….your last two lines define the absolute frustration of a large number of people in the world…kudos!

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