Soul Angel

Pursuing the promise
Of a brand new day
Wheels in motion
Charged with emotion
Hope and potential
Work against the decay

Resolute in the face
Of panic and tragedy
Breast bones heaved
Circumstances weaved
In a mesh of human suffering
And glass shard fragility

The name and the nature
Of the spirit enlightened
At odds and pressing
Against the whirlwind, frightened
As we band like brothers
The shield tightened
The soul of an angel
In grace enlightened

Dark forces gather
At the insistence and resistence
Pale, wretched and wrecked
Faceless fear, blood flecked
Fighting the brilliant glow
All pointless insistence

The battle rages ever
Against the ardent masses
As strength blunted naysayers
Earnest, elevated prayers
March in a union spirit
Until the blackness passes

The face and the posture
Of the spirit possessed
On wing and aware
Against the purpose blessed
As we band like sisters
Against those beset
The soul of love
Against the dark, pressed

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5 Responses to Soul Angel

  1. n/a says:

    It is a poem we all want to read again!!!

  2. enreal says:

    I read this aloud, I wonder of the rhythm of which you speak it… it is a beautiful poem, one I would come to read again…

    for I write on angels all the time, yet never have I seen their soul, as I have today… blessings

  3. n/a says:

    Larry whish for you the advent of fortunate and blessed day when the resplendent light which radiates from your poems place in the pedestal of the recognized poets thanks for their soul’s generosity.


  4. slpmartin says:

    Very strong poem…it reads so very well with the pattern of words you have selected…very nice indeed.

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