The Religion and the Politics of Hate and Fear

The descent has been nothing short of exponential. The results will be looked back upon with a keen eye and a head shake. No one will believe things went the way they did. History will define much of this period as a young nation in transition. I define what’s going on as insanity. The blame does not fall on church and state directly. The blame falls on the masses that buy in to rhetoric instead of reality.

The strings are many and fall across groups as diverse as can be conceived. There is a common thread here. And it has been wielded across time in so many similar manners that anyone on the outside looking at this would question our intelligence. And it seems we are endlessly doomed to repeat ourselves.

We’ve been lied to so much. Misinformed daily. Given every excuse in the book for the mundane and the ridiculous. Made to feel inferior, illiterate, unpatriotic, hopeless and witless.

That must end. And we all need to be part of this. The unfortunate truth is we are miles from that.

So what happens? When Dubya and Cheney tell us there are WMDs. When the Pope tells us pedophilia is mere gossip. When the Canadian government tells us that birth control doesn’t save women’s lives. What happens?

I am so sick of all of it. What really galls me, beyond the evil and idiocy of all these people, is the endlessly bleating of the sheep that believe the garbage being fed to them.

Is so much of humanity just stupid? Why aren’t more people holding those in power accountable? Why would any sane person take the words of a politician at face value. Why don’t people investigate? Why do they just accept it all?

There are many reasons. Some of the major ones include: laziness, lack of education, belief in institutions from birth that never get questioned and a pliant and pliable media.

People are lazy. They don’t want to bother getting off the couch. They don’t want to type a few keystrokes to see what the other side or sides of the story are. Within that laziness is a lack of intellectual curiosity.

It is stunning to see volume of poor quality education and how it contributes to a person’s inability to recognize things like strawman arguments and outright misinformation. An example. I say that 85% of Catholics support the Pope’s position on the accusations of abuse by priests. Sounds plausible. But I just made that up. I don’t have poll results any more than I have a list of who I polled, where they live. But you hear that on CNN from a church supporter and you go ‘okay’. You shouldn’t. Especially in the US, education is so limited to all things American. When you have americana drilled into your mind from pre-school, you start accepting things that require confirmation. People need to stop believing their country, tis of thee, and everything I’m told of it, must be true you see.

That constant drill of information from a young age, whether country or religion, has made people reluctant to question. I was raised a Christian. But I, to this day, have nothing but questions and few answers where God is concerned. And that faith, blind faith, in the assumption that because I’ve been taught it from birth, it must be true must be fought. It’s always okay to question. There is no limit, no statute that says you are not a patriot because you question your government. Bush and Cheney told it was so. But why do so many suddenly question Obama? I wonder what the reaction would be if Obama told everyone that they were unpatriotic for questioning him. Funny isn’t it? What’s okay for the right to question was wrong for the left, and in time, most of the country.

And there was a time when the media, the real news, was presented on a daily basis. But what we have these days are entertainment organizations who are always willing to make news out of nonsense. Why is the Tea Party so well known? Because they are noisy and media loves noisy. But if the president provides a thoughtful and eloquent explanation for policy position, we get Tiger Woods and his merry band of philandery for 3 hours after.

All these are major reasons why the public becomes so movable. It is why the political right has had an easy time of scaring the public that terrorism is coming to your door. Thanks for letting your government tap your phones, torture innocent and guilty alike and question the patriotism of any who dare question. Don’t get me wrong. The left is as guilty of influence peddling as the right. I just use the right as an easy example.

The same right that is now punishing the left for daring to take power. Plowing out lies as thick as manure about everything from Obama’s birth to death panels to his socialist, communist views. An oxymoron by any calculation.

And when religion refuses to deal in reality, is willing to abuse and hide that abuse, what should you believe. God’s right hand man was not made God’s right hand man by God. He was voted Pope by man. Man is not God. So why do you feel unable to question? Why would an incident of possible pedophilia be brushed aside as gossip and instead, investigated and any incidents prosecuted to the full extent, including excommunication? This is Jesus’ church? The man who was all about the poor and downtrodden? And his church is all about impossible purity, laughable really, and making sure it is above ALL men? What is that? And what would Jesus do? I’d bet he’d tear that temple to the ground and spit in Pope’s face.

At the end of the day hate and fear are just tools used by politicians and religions. Tools of what you may ask. Power. You may have thought money and yes, money is a part of all of this. But money is used to wield power. The masses are controlled by misinformation, poor education, hate and fear.

Power is the only driving force here. Controlling you and I so we’ll accept whatever we are given. Reality tv, entertainment media all just stupefy. When’s the last time you watched a documentary? Or read about Sunnis and Shiites? Or read some blogs from Pakistan, Israel, Palestine, Iran? You don’t because you think someone is going to feed you the truth. And the truth is no one is feeding you any reality. The only way to have a clue what is really going on is to do your homework. Ask questions. Make noise. Participate but don’t take any one group’s view as the only view. Understand both sides, all sides. Look at what makes sense. Understand others even if you disagree.

We were given brains so we could use them. Not turn them into Playdoh for people who couldn’t give a crap about us in any way shape or form other than control. So get off your collective butts and start questioning. Don’t be afraid. They want you afraid. Don’t hate. They want you to hate. Just understand all there is to understand so you can make decisions that are informed and thoughtful. That way the death panels won’t come for your grandma, the Pope’s Prada shoes WILL offend you and maybe we could have some real political discourse instead of yelling masses of Tea Party fanatics spreading hate and misinformation.

Power is abused. The only way to prevent it is to recognize it. Learn about it. Dismantle it. Distribute it. Because the power lies in you. When was the last time you felt in control? Felt like you had power over your situation? That will not change unless you do. What are you waiting for?

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8 Responses to The Religion and the Politics of Hate and Fear

  1. Wind says:

    I think the problems stem from ‘We the people…’ when in fact it was “We, a few people not actually representative of ‘the people’…”

    The citizens of the United States of America, don’t actually elect the President nor the Vice President. The Electoral College is responsible for that, which I think many people have forgotten. Think back to when, Al Gore, ‘lost’ when they did that recount in Florida. That right there is, insanity, as those ballots meant absolutely nothing.

    I’ve more or less come around to the idea, I am a sane person who one day woke up to find herself in an insane asylum filled with crazy people. When that happens, automatically you become the crazy one.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, aka Outside it’s America, I ponder the significance of, NASA, Air Force One, President(s), debt forgiveness and Bono. One of those five doesn’t quite belong there, does it? I know, I know, I’ve heard it before….you’re crazy!

  2. Christopher from Jersey says:

    It seems so easy for you to condemn the right for pushing their point of view and taking a stance, but you’re hesitant to condemn the left for equally pushing theirs. Is it that the right’s stance on issues is all wrong? Obviously that’s not the case according to the American people . . . or sheeple as you perhaps believe most are. Your view is most people listen to commentators, pundits and politicians and believe without thinking for themselves. Research a year or two ago showed liberals primarily get their news mostly from left-leaning sources only. On the flip side, conservatives seek information from a wider variety of sources across the political spectrum. So who’s seeking to inform themselves on issues more? Conservatives. They are asking more questions without blindly supporting. Thankfully there’s a news organization in Fox News who is actively doing the same — asking all the questions without blindly supporting. Instead of saying and stopping at, “Here, American Sheeple, here’s what Obama is doing. This is wonderful,” they’re questioning if the administration is acting in the best interest of the nation and if they are acting against the will of the people or not. We see in so many instances now that they are acting in THEIR best interest while a majority of America says, “No, Mr. President, you’re wrong.” Is a majority of America wrong? This isn’t the Democrats’ country. This isn’t a liberal progressive country. This is the Peoples’ country and the people are Center Right and Fox News realizes that. They ask the questions, they give each side an open platform to state their case, and they let the people decide. I know some people form some decisions based on what’s on TV but you’ve got to give some of those people credit for getting the information and then making up their minds according to their conscience, not according to Sean Hannity. And you’ve got to give credit to people who disagree with Obama for having the facts instead of lies. Did protesters who disagreed with Bush & Cheney have lies or did they have truth? Why all of a sudden do Obama protesters have lies? That’s a completely ignorant point of view.

    • larrylootsteen says:

      Christopher, thanks for taking the time to write! I do appreciate it.

      If I made one mistake writing this, it was not using specific examples from the left. I appreciate what you are saying. And I do point out that I said this in the article: “Don’t get me wrong. The left is as guilty of influence peddling as the right. I just use the right as an easy example”.

      The point is that people are too easily swayed by the propaganda. No one is telling us the whole truth. But too many people react to what’s presented without really understanding the issue, if there is one at all.

      I’m all for Obama protestors! I think he’s done a mediocre job in many areas and downright bad in others. I don’t believe it was right for Bush protestors to burn him in effigy any more than I think it was right for Obama protestors to use Hitler/Nazi visuals to portray him.

      I hope you understand that painting Obama as a socialist as opposed to a social activist is wrong. And at the same time I truly believe Bush and Cheney love their country but I disgree on many policies. And I disagree on many policies with Obama. Especially on Afghanistan.

      Yes, when I say sheep I am saying that large portions of the population don’t do their homework. They don’t listen to all sides and really get into the details. That is true on left and right. And you can see by the strict partisan divide that people on left and right are drinking the kool-aid. I just hope some sense of reality appears but I don’t expect that any time soon.

      Please write again if you feel the need!

  3. smirkdirk says:

    Doh – If you’d like to go in and edit that comment to get rid of the double post of that vid, feel free…

  4. smirkdirk says:

    I have no idea what David’s talking about or even how its relevant to your post except as blatant self-promotion to his own blog.

    Anyway, your write-up totally reminded me of this….

  5. David Winter says:

    The Lingering Illusion (revised 4-8-10)

    Definition of an “Idol.”

    An “Idol” is a person, place or thing that we put ahead of “God” or “Love.”

    We did/do this because we did/do not understand the true nature of reality. Jesus does not call this world an “Illusion” but he does tell us “Be in the world and Not of it”

    Look not outside yourself for happiness. For it will fail, and you will be upset each time an Idol falls.

    Love, God or Heaven can not be found where it is not, and looking for it outside of you is impossible. Each idol will fail to bring you what you intend for that idol; Only because it is Not what you are really seeking. You are not seeking the perfect job, house, car, relationship or money. You Are LOOKING FOR LOVE the LOVE that brings Peace beyond All earthly “forms.”

    You can have everything “out here” when you see it all “in there.” Look Not outside yourself. All your pain comes simply from a futile search for what you want, insisting WHERE it must be found (outside of you). What if it IS NOT THERE? Would you prefer to be right or happy?

    Be glad that you are being told TODAY where true Peace and Happiness abides! NO longer LOOK anywhere else, you will fail in your search and each time the job, your relationships, money, house, car Etc… does not bring the desired result you have suffered without true cause.

    It is given you to know the truth, and Not look for it outside yourself. No one who comes here to “earth” in a “body” but must still have hope, some lingering illusion or some “dream” that there is something OUTSIDE of him or herself that will bring Happiness.

    So we wander aimlessly about in search of “SOMETHING” that can never be found. The lingering illusion will keep you seeking until death for something that never was to be found outside of you.

    Take heart and rejoice EVERYTHING that you want can and will be found “within” you. This is not easy but it is very simple. When you find it “within” you then you will SEE IT WITHOUT and it will bring the desired result,Why?

    Because it will have been given to you by your “Creator”, “God”, “Love”, “The Divine Source” and you will understand that you have always had access to ALL THINGS!!



    more to follow……

    • larrylootsteen says:

      So David! You blatantly disregarded what I was talking about and tried to hijack the conversation to what YOU wanted to say.

      I would have much preferred you took the time to read my post and presented some arguments for or against what I’m talking about.

      Instead you offer the usual mindless blather that has obviously been ingrained into you. So I guess I should thank you for providing a perfect example!

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