The gold leaf shimmer
Brought images of warmth and light
With each passing day
The incessant decay
Sent a chill up and down my spine

I walked through a blizzard chill
All frigid and rigid and white
The drifts piled high
And I started to cry
At the endless, seemingly pointless game

The melt, seen and felt, turned me round
A mess of water and mud and life
Madness of flowing rapids
Fauna no longer captive
The breath of the budding expressed

A steam-driven fan blast wakens
Realizations, hallucinations in the shimmer
As dog days drag
Past a listless flag
There’s relief on the time-travelled road

All change
That never changes
Only difference comes
From the surrounded
As it’s compounded
An easy set
Not over yet
When you wish you may
But never might
Will the prayer ever take flight?

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