A splinter of glass
A mosaic of shards
An eggshell shatter
A call to arms

A hailstorm of thoughts
A maelstrom of pain
A hurricane’s eye
Adds fuel to the flame

He fights for control
She fights for her life
They cut and they burn
No touch can explain
She wants but can’t see
He tries just to feel
They spin and explode
In an endless refrain

In a world disconnected
Truth and right out of sight
Lies and madness a new norm
Do they give up the fight?

Insane, the membrane
In life and inside
The gag well in place
How long we’ve defied

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One Response to Fractured

  1. slpmartin says:

    I rather like you line “Lies and madness a new norm”…describes for me so much of what we see today…thanks for sharing your poem.

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