The Walk

My life is a journey
A quest for understanding
Watching, waiting
Questioning it all

Answers are rare
And generate more
More questions, rejection
The road ever long

I don’t get discouraged
Too much by the walk
The path, it is twisted
Too easy, resisted
Hoping grace leads my life
And love’s where I land

The heart beats the hardest
When truth bears its teeth
The test of your limits
Opens eyes to what’s possible

What you’ve always known
May be the soul enemy
There’s no way you know
What you can never understand

I can’t just believe
Because you believe too
You wouldn’t change if I asked
Your present, my past
If we can both live in grace
We can walk hand in hand

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2 Responses to The Walk

  1. Pete Olsen says:

    – very thought provoking Larry. It’s easier for me to read this just getting back from Nicaragua because yes…there are so many more questions … and frankly I’m just in a better state of mind. Very cool my friend.

  2. slpmartin says:

    Although change comes hard, you make a case for the power of grace.

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