Radio Free Cruze

Radio Free Cruze
I probably should have written about this long ago.

Radio Free Cruze (RFC) is an alternative music internet radio station. This is the one place I find most of the music I blog about. Certainly not the only one but it is far and away my greatest source of new music.

If you’ve been reading my posts from the start, you may recall that I stopped listening to Edge 102 (CFNY 102.1 Toronto) last year after 29 years of loyalty. I always found them to be leading edge but these days they are just another radio station overplaying everything. They’ve lost their roots, dropped their history and add a huge amount of crap to the playlist. Just another corporate radio waste of time.

So when I happened to stumble across RFC, I was blown away by the CONSTANT new music. They include history across decades while focusing on the indie music that most of us never get to hear.

So this is my primary listening post these days. If I had the cash I’d make sure I could get it in the car. For now, it makes my work day bearable and I regularly go out and download the music I hear to make cds to play in the car. I am happy again!

So if you like new. If you like variety. If you like indie. If you like alternative. And if you like a third of the music you’ve seen and heard on this blog, please check them out.

You can check out Radio Free Cruze here:

You won’t regret it.

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