Bono’s Back Surgery – 360 Tour Dates

So for those of you who aren’t crazed U2 fans, some of you will be pleased, no doubt, to hear that Bono has gone off and hurt hisself!

He had emergency back surgery after an injury sustained while training for the upcoming U2 360 Tour leg. He was in Munich at the time and is expected to go back to Ireland to recover in the next day or two.

Per, the first date in Salt Lake City will be rescheduled. With any back injury, I expect we’ll lose a few more dates on the tour. Hoping not too many though. My guess is we’ll also lose both Anaheim dates as well as Denver but you never know! But he is an old dude now so recovery may not be as quick as anyone would like.

My thoughts though go out to all those support crew for the tour as well as all those fans who may have made significant travel plans, reaaranged their lives, and gone through great expense to make it to any cancelled/rescheduled show. I’d lose it if it happened to me.

That said, it isn’t life threatening…just a pain in the keester.

My stupid thought of the day:

Well, at least The Claw is wheelchair friendly!

Gives new meaning to the Steel Wheels Tour hmmm?

Stay tuned at for the latest news and tour announcements…

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2 Responses to Bono’s Back Surgery – 360 Tour Dates

  1. larrylootsteen says:

    I love the dream world you live in!

  2. Smirkdirk says:

    Just because Bono’s getting old it doesn’t mean that I’m getting old. Or you either, Larry. Right?

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