Careful What You Wish For – Raine Maida

Listen here:

I have to keep up the Canadian content here periodically. We have amazing music in this country. Raine Maida is the lead singer for a great band called Our Lady Peace. This is something from his solo career. A very talented man. This is an amazing song.

Lyrics here, more below:
Oh my mother
Look what I’ve done
I’m on the run
I’ve gone to California
I kissed you goodbye
With a tear in my eye
I packed up my truck and went for a drive

These white yellow lines
These angel filled skies
The road might be long
But it’s my road tonight

It’s a Leonard Cohen song
A Buddha/Allah Monk
You can be anything you want
I’m an Italian Catholic punk and I’m on my way
On my way
Oh la la lo, I’m on my way

The ocean appears
The wind slaps my face
Oh, Shangri La
What a beautiful place
I’m nervous but steady
I’m scared but I’m ready
No turning back
3000 miles in a Chevy
And I slam on the brakes
Put my toes in the sand
Look to the constellations
And I throw up my hands

I said, God be my driver
God, be my lighter
Nobody ages
I guess nobody dies here

I’ll be careful for what I wish for in this life
Cause I know, I’ll miss yesterday
I’ll come back to you before I’m old and grey
I’ll come home
But it seems so far away

The sky turned red
The ocean pulled away
What the hell’s going on
How come no one’s afraid
I said hey Mr Soul
What you got for me
I pulled out my wallet
I know nothing here’s free

And God do you back this
This town is a black list
Oh boy what a big mess
Even Mickey’s on acid

I’m willing, and able
My cards are on this fable
Come on, Alice, we’re too good to wait tables

I’ll be careful for what I wish for in this life
Cause I know, I’ll miss yesterday
I’ll come back to you before I’m old and grey
I’ll come home…it seems so far away
Seems so far away
You’re so far away


Oh mama what have I done?
What have I done?
I went to California
I’m gonna leave California…

There’s a dark attitude to this song and that always attracts me. And it’s another double look at one thing. The initial beauty and allure of California in complete juxtaposition with the dark, seedy underbelly of the fame machine that runs underneath. Loved the ‘even Mickey’s on acid’. The basic premise is that the pull of California is you can be whoever you want to be. But the major problem is the cost of what it would take to achieve it. There’s the whole appeal to God within the sale of your soul. Beautiful lyrics and a simply amazing song.

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