David Byrne on Buildings (not food)

Okay, so depending on your age and musical taste you might not get the reference to Talking Heads album More Songs About Buildings and Food. It is a simple reference to a recent talk he gave at TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design). And though I question whether many bands give this much thought to it, the discussion is interesting.

Enjoy this talk…it is 16 minutes long but worth the time:

So I guess the question is much like the chicken and the egg scenario. Does the music adapt to the venue? I would hazard the thought that perhaps if it didn’t, there wouldn’t be anyone there to listen. It becomes fairly obvious to anyone who has attended a bad performance from a band that should have been better that perhaps there are times that all the elements need to arrive at the same place at the same time.

And we do get to see the obvious pursuit of that goal from certain bands. You can look at U2’s current tour as a prime example. In order to bring the band closer to the audience in a stadium setting, they needed to get rid of as much of the equipment as they could. They made the staging SO massive that it becomes part of the venue and not in the way of the show.

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